Common Purpose is 30

What kind of leaders do we want our generation to become?


In 1948, leaders across the UK started the National Health Service. It was a bold act that created what has since become a symbol of the values that unite the UK. They were remarkable leaders.

Young people today will be the leaders when the NHS turns 101 years old, in thirty years’ time. UK101 asks young people from across the UK "What kind of leaders do we want our generation to become?” UK101 then creates a model of leadership with 1000 young people and brings it to life with an online leadership programme, to help young people match the ambition of the leaders in 1948 and create their generation’s own unique legacy. UK101 is part of Legacy – a global campaign by Common Purpose.

Get involved now by taking the UK101 Leadership Questionnaire

Nikhwat Marawat, Founder and Co-Director, The Delicate Mind

“The NHS was revolutionary. How will we rival such an act? Our generation will need a more nuanced understanding of each other if we are going to.”

Programme outcomes

Social capital

Over the years, a diverse generation of young leaders will emerge who see themselves as UK101 leaders: thinking beyond tomorrow and connecting beyond their part of the UK.

Youth action

As UK101 alumni begin engaging as citizens, they will use their leadership skills to develop ideas together. A few ideas will emerge which will turn into reality.

Leadership vision

The UK101 alumni will communicate their vision and language of leadership through local and national media and discussions with senior leaders. 

Global connectivity

UK101 alumni will forge links with the alumni of the many other Common Purpose Legacy Programmes worldwide. 

Luke Batten, National Sales Manager, Hermes

“Legacy starts now. Now is the time to act if we want to have had an impact in 20 to 30 years.”

More information

Who can contribute?

UK101 will be open to all young people in the UK, ages 18-25.

The only thing these young people will have in common is their generation; some will be in employment, some not; some studying, some caring; some finding their way, others already making their way. Some in cities, others in rural communities. Many will be passionate activists, others will be discovering their own causes or quietly volunteering.


First, you and over 1000 other young people from every corner of the UK will share your views on leadership, through the UK101 Leadership Questionnaire. The questionnaire will get you thinking about (1) your own leadership experiences, (2) the leaders you aspire to be more like, and (3) the future of leadership for your generation. Take the questionnaire now!

The responses will then be compiled to co-create the UK101 leadership model that articulates this generation's unique approach to leadership. In 2020, the free, online UK101 programme will bring it to life.

The programme will be completely free, and run every two months. Everyone who completes the programme will receive the UK101 Leadership Badge: an online badge you can use to set yourself apart as a generation.

Founding Partners

UK101 is supported and made possible by the following organizations:

  • Trust for London
  • Penny Appeal
  • Barrow Cadbury Trust
  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland
  • Blagrave Trust
  • Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
  • Northern Ireland Community Foundation
  • William Grant Foundation
  • Clore Foundation
Kate Ashworth, Student Development Manager, Lancaster University Students’ Union

“I see lots of amazing young people who need real world confidence. They need help in problem solving rather than just sending messages.”

UK101 Advisory Group

Jonah Ogbuneke


“I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Love For The Streets. We’re a non-profit social change organization on a mission to empower the 5.2 million young people in the UK to take action on the causes they love. I’m passionate about social media marketing and the huge potential it has to drive positive change in our societies and communities.”

Luke Batten


“I am National Sales Manager for Hermes UK, living in Leeds but operating nationally. As National Sales Manager, I manage 50% of our Corporate Sales Operations leading a team to deliver in excess of £8 million revenue each year offering Hermes Domestic and International B2C delivery services. In my spare time I am a keen rugby league fan following the mighty Leeds Rhinos!”

Elizabeth Pollard


“My name is Elizabeth. I am from Glasgow (in Scotland). I currently work as a Trainee Trading Standards Officer. I graduated this year from uni and I love travelling and learning about different cultures. I am also very into social justice and human rights.”

Nikhwat Khan Marawat


“I’m the Co-Director for The Delicate Mind CIC which critically examines Mental Health in disadvantaged communities in the 21st century. I’m keenly interested in seeking knowledge, meeting people, travelling, and the betterment of myself and society.”

Roland Maposa


"I’m currently a postgraduate student, studying International Business at Master's level. My work background is in the voluntary sector. At my university, I volunteer as a learning champion, working with non-traditional students, i.e. starting university at 21+, considering higher education as an option to further their career or simply for their own fulfillment. I also volunteer as a student trustee on the board of our students union. I enjoy reading, travelling, and watching live sports. I’m excited for this leadership initiative and I look forward to 2049."

Duncan McCombe


“I’m currently the founder at Network Young CIC, a social enterprise which works with people aged 13-19 and aims to help them develop a high quality, professional network which in turn will aid them in making more informed career choices. I founded the company 6 years ago, frustrated by the lack of quality career advice I was offered. To date we have supported over 1,600 young people. I also spend my time as a freelance creative, mainly as an actor, but also working as a workshop facilitator delivering creative workshops to different audiences. I started on this entrepreneurial journey as an alternative to university, proving there was more than one way to prepare for work. When I’m not working I’ll be in the gym, running, or fundraising for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital!"

Leonie Jarrett


"I work part-time at King’s College London’s Entrepreneurship Institute and part-time as a freelance communications specialist. I have worked with a number of charities and social enterprises in the UK and overseas. My passions include entrepreneurial problem solving, cross-cultural working and facilitation. Outside of work, I am a Trustee of LIMUN Foundation, a founding team member of Drivers for Change and I have volunteered with charities such as Future First. I hold a Social Policy degree from the University of Bristol."

Amen Dhesi


"I graduated from a postgraduate degree in Sport Psychology alongside founding a project delivering a bespoke 12 week sport intervention for young individuals with caring responsibilities. Alongside this I have engaged with various leadership programmes over the last two years; Tanzania Model UN 2018 and Drivers for Change 2018, the Common Purpose streetwise mba and an intensive 18 month programme called Bradford Lead. I was a young carer and advocate for young people’s mental health from deprived communities."

Nadia Khan


"I am a social entrepreneur. I am the co-founder of the award winning mental health organization The Delicate Mind C.I.C. I am also the UK lead for the World Youth Alliance, where I provide training to young people to be advocates of change at the UN and EU. For the past seven years I have been deeply committed to advancing youth engagement in public life, by working in deprived boroughs in London, Birmingham and Leicester. I am an advisory board member at UK Youth, representing Greater London. I am a Global Shaper, part of the World Economic Forum’s London Hub, where I work with a team on issues impacting communities in London. In 2019, I was recognized for my voluntary services at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards where I was shortlisted for a Public Service Award. I enjoy promoting interfaith dialogue, to build a more cohesive and kinder society in the UK. As a Aziz Foundation Scholar, I seek to raise awareness of how space enabled technologies can help to deliver the UNSDGs to build more resilient societies."

Adam Bradford


I am a young social entrepreneur committed to inspiring social change. I have launched several social enterprises, campaigns, and community projects and am passionate about supporting and mentoring young people. I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism, at the age of 11. I work to raise public awareness of autism and gambling addiction and have worked with young ex-offenders to turn their lives around. I am one of just three UK winners of the prestigious Queen’s Young Leader Awards, a Commonwealth wide initiative. The Sunday Times has called me a ‘Mini Branson’. I am an honourary fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society, the Royal Society For Arts, and an advisor to the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust where I directly advise HRH The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry on youth policy and advise Creative Visions Foundation in California. I am an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society and a Member of the Public Relations and Communications Association.

Larissa Kennedy


I am the UK’s representative to the Global Secretariat at Youth For Change. This is a global youth network of campaigners and advocacy experts working to end gender-based violence, with core teams in the UK, Tanzania and Bangladesh. On a sabbatical year from reading Politics, International Studies and Hispanic Studies at the University of Warwick, I have taken on the role of Advocacy & Campaigns Officer at Plan International. Campaigning within the youth and student movements, I was elected to the British Youth Council’s trustee board in 2017, and to the Executive Council of the National Union of Students (NUS) in 2019. There I champion youth and student voice at a local, national and international level. This echoes my time as a youth diplomat, as former UK Youth Delegate to the Council of Europe Congress. In 2017, I was featured at Number 63 of the ‘Future 100’ List of the most influential women at UK universities, in 2018 I was honoured as ‘Black Student of the Year’ and in 2019 I was Highly Commended for ‘Black Student Officer or the Year’ by NUS.

Dami Makinde


I am the co-Founder and co-CEO of We Belong. I began my activism work when I realised I was unable to attend university because of my immigration status. In 2017, I was seconded to the London Mayor’s office as a Policy Advisor to help within their Social Integration Team. I began a Forum to build a bridge between the Mayor and all London migrants. I am an Eisenhower Youth Fellow and have spoken out worldwide against the UK’s hostile environment towards migrants.

Bharat Mehta CBE, Chief Executive, Trust for London

“The Trust for London is pleased to be one of the UK Foundations supporting UK101. The creation of the NHS was a bold, brave and unifying act undertaken by a broad base of leaders across civil society of its day. And it happened just after the UK had survived a very bruising period in its history. The NHS has become a huge binding force in the UK and an inspiration to the world. Enabling today’s young people to become leaders who will match this ambition in their own way in very different times is inspired."