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We develop people who can cross cultural, institutional, and social boundaries

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What we do

Tackling problems like never before

The many complex problems we face – in our organizations and in society – pay no attention to cultural, institutional, or social boundaries. They spread across them. So, if we are to better tackle the complex problems – big and small - and come together in what is an ever more connected world, we must be able to work together, with purpose, despite our differences. If we do this well - building bridges as we cross them – new opportunities for collaboration and innovation can be created and people can become real catalysts for change.

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Our approach

Leadership development - with a difference


Bringing the outside world to you

When it comes to developing people, there’s no substitute for the power of real, raw experience and fresh perspectives. Our convening power enables us to create genuinely diverse immersive leadership experiences with real people and real-life scenarios from across a spectrum of society, delivered in ways that are both challenging and inspiring.

Experiential learning

Our programmes create a carefully constructed microclimate to explore real-life leadership challenges in a safe environment, often leading to the types of purpose-driven conversations needed to achieve transformative change. 

We also focus on the importance of active learning by getting you out of your comfort zone and into the world, seeing things, meeting people, taking part, and taking advantage of processes that stimulate multiple neural connections in the brain and promote memory.

The Common Purpose change process

We follow five tried and tested steps that lead to habitual change in how people think, feel and act.   

  1. Experience: The foundation of, and stimulus for, learning. Being presented with new experiences. Engaging with leaders from across multiple boundaries and being immersed in new environments.
  2. Reflection: Finding relevant meaning. Learning activities to gain a deeper and more personalized understanding of your experience.
  3. Translate: Drawing conclusions. Exploring how to relate new ideas and thought processes back into your role or context.
  4. Practice: Testing your learning. Developing a set of leadership practices that you can use to turn new behaviours into habits.
  5. Assess: Finding the desired outcome. Embedding numerous assessment modalities to help you track your progress pre, during and even beyond the programme back at work. 

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Our impact

An experience like no other

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Arne Stratmann
Partner, KPMG Auditing Company
"Common Purpose offers me a framework to look at my daily living environment from a variety of new perspectives. The joint development of topics with executives from a wide variety of areas of activity allows the participants to question their own thought patterns and gain openness to the 'other'. The program offers impulses that – in terms of content and time – have an effect far beyond other classic programs."
Ronald Arculli
Senior Partner, King & Wood Mallesons
"Common Purpose is quite unique in that it provides a cross-sector platform to engage, empower and inspire people from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to combine efforts and make cities work better. In doing so, participants enhance their confidence to make changes for the greater good of their organizations."
Lauren Clarke
Vice Rector of International Relations, Sampoerna University
"Common Purpose’s experiential learning approach means you actually see things in play and hear how leaders implement strategies in their own organizations. It’s really precious – it’s hard to get that level of candour otherwise."