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Purposeful leadership programmes immersed in real world experiences

The world is changing fast. Leadership is not keeping up. 

The world of work is evolving. The complex challenges of today and the future faced in our organizations and in society are requiring people to step up and work in ways like never before. We are here to help you to close the gap and thrive, again.


What we do

Accelerating your impact

Transform your high-potential managers into talent who can embrace the opportunities and challenges of new leadership roles.

Employability and skills for young people

Preparing young people for the world of work.

Navigating transitions

New challenges need new ways of thinking. Build the skills and mindset needed to prepare for your future career goals.

Boosting collaboration

Re-connect to your place by stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in different sectors, systems and cultural contexts, all explored through the eyes of others. 

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Why you can trust us


are better prepared to adapt to new environments


are better prepared to challenge their assumptions


are better prepared to change their default approaches to work


are better prepared to have a wider impact in their organizations and communities

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Heather Thomas
Senior Adviser Natural Capital & Ecosystem Assessment, Natural England
"This programme has allowed me to develop practical skills within the workplace. As a result of the programme, I have felt more motivated and inspired. I now feel more confident in my abilities as a leader and I feel able to make use of my strengths and work on my weaknesses."
Nick Price
Vice President - Delivery and Project Management, Klick
"The biggest benefit we see from staff who attend Common Purpose programmes is their growth in perspective. That development of perspective, and the ability to understand and empathize with the positions of others (in different situations), is such an invaluable leadership trait."
Tracey Carney
Managing Director, Business & Finance Media Group
"I found the Common Purpose program a fantastic experience on both a personal and professional level. There are very few courses you can do where you get to look inward and reassess the type of leader you are so that you can evolve into the leader you would like to be."

We are Common Purpose

A global not-for-profit devoted to good leadership

  • We deliver unforgettable and transformative learning experiences
  • Programmes for people at all levels of their careers
  • Gain the confidence, skills and mindset to be a purposeful change agent, with a difference

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