The Diversity Dividend

The Diversity Dividend

Embrace the power of equity, diversity and inclusion in your decision making

Our take

Diverse teams drive better business performance – fact. But diverse people need different things to be successful. Our work is grounded in the principle of cross-boundary leadership: helping people to cross the cultural, institutional, and social boundaries that can divide us, and supporting people from all walks of life to be better able to work and thrive together. We shift mindsets, behaviours, and habits so everyone in your organization can reach their full potential.

Who we work with

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Sharon Watson
CEO and Principal, Northern School of Contemporary Dance
"Too often, D&I initiatives promise the earth and don’t deliver. Whereas Common Purpose’s approach is genuinely transformational, especially for emerging leaders who come from diverse backgrounds. A real strength when seeking evidence and purpose in the work we do, in an ever changing world."
Dal Babu
Former Chief Superintendent, Metropolitan Police
"Common Purpose championed diversity within Leadership long before it was valued by businesses and institutions. My Common Purpose programme made me more confident in my abilities and gave me the partnership-working skills I needed to be successful in my role as Borough Commander. It’s the best leadership course I’ve ever done in my life."
Allison Alt
Environmental Protection Attorney, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
"I feel I have more tools to use to facilitate and create spaces for diverse and difficult conversations, as well as a greater understanding of what actions I can take to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. "

The challenge

While there has been recognizable progress in diversity in recent decades, a focus on increasing diversity alone falls short of tackling the systemic challenges around workplace equality, personal bias or exclusionary culture. As a result:

Elevating equity is vital to create real agency and voice within organizations to help people reach their full potential.

Inclusion is what’s needed to give diversity real impact, and drive towards a world of work where all employees are empowered to contribute and thrive and feel part of an organization.

Often, inclusion is thought to help diverse workforces in particular, but diversity could easily be substituted for 'difference' and doesn’t need to refer to demographic characteristics. Given that all employees are unique, inclusion is relevant for everyone in an organization.

The coming together of difference – diversity of thought, culture, lived experiences and perspectives – can be a real driver for positive change, in work and in wider society.

Our solutions

Let's work together to transform your organization

No singular solution can create equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) in the world of work. So we offer a variety of solutions that can be taken in isolation or as part of a wider culture programme.

The Tailored Solution

Bespoke programmes

Designed to support your wider organizational strategy.

The Quick Solution

In-house workshops

Two-hour or half-day workshops on specific ED&I themes such as Authentic Leadership, Cross-Boundary Leadership, Suspending Assumptions, or Collaboration and Working with Difference.

The Scalable Solution

Online learning

Delivered both in real time, and / or flexibly via a learning platform.

The Big Picture Solution

Social impact

Sponsor bursary places or community programmes.

The Real World Solution

Our signature programmes

Open to all with diverse cross-sector participant groups.

Next steps

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How we can work with you


Our philosophy

ED&I is complex and messy. But vital for all organizations. Our transformative programmes follow the Common Purpose Good Leadership Model where you learn the what is needed to enable you to operate effectively in the ED&I space. We help individuals, teams and organizations to develop their COMPASS.


Confidence in your own abilities is crucial in good leadership. So we work with you to develop your self belief in your own leadership and professional abilities, form a network of peers who support and advise, and learn about authentic leadership, and how to bring your whole self to work.


Developing the right mindset – inclusive, courageous and intentional – will give you a better understanding of how your way of viewing the world determines your behaviour and outlook; how you interpret, and respond to situations; and ultimately, how you effectively and efficiently make change happen.


All leadership happens in context – in a particular place and at a particular time. The Common Purpose Good Leadership Model will help you to be effective in different contexts and situations. Adapting better to different contexts, drawing on deep insights and diverse networks to make better decisions or by broadening your horizons to better understand how people and places interconnect.


Attributes are the qualities, behaviours and characteristics we see as being crucial, must haves, to leading change. You must demonstrate these key attributes in your approach:

  • Resilience
  • Agility
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

And finally you need to develop some key skills to deliver change and cross boundaries, effectively and efficiently. These must be learned, practiced, and refined to enable you to accelerate the pace of change. Across our programmes, to different degrees, you will be given the knowledge, understanding, tools and techniques to develop the following key people skills:

  • Active listening
  • Building trust
  • Decision making
  • Effective questioning
  • Giving and receiving of feedback
  • Influencing
  • Problem solving
  • Reflective practice
  • Storytelling / communication

This is core in all Common Purpose change leadership programmes, all in the context of what it takes to successfully lead change.


of leaders are better able to adapt to new environments


can act more courageously in difficult situations


are better able to balance humility and self-belief


are more likely to challenge their own assumptions

Why Common Purpose?

Our pedigree

For over 30 years we’ve worked tirelessly to promote diversity in leadership. We champion equity, diversity and inclusion for all. It is at the core of who we are and what we stand for. Whether through our global work in building leadership programmes that support people to work across sectors, ignite the power of women in leadership, catalyse underrepresented community leadership, or working with different generations to support them in the future of work, we have a deep understanding of what can help build bridges between people’s differences.  

Our focus? Helping organizations to  

  • create a common language that can build a bridge across different unique lived experiences
  • have the difficult, and needed purposeful conversations that can lead to long lasting equitable change

A vision of a more equitable and connected society is integral to our mission, and we work proactively to contribute to this goal.