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Common Purpose Charitable Trust

Company information

The Common Purpose Charitable Trust is a company limited by guarantee, and a UK-registered charity. It holds all the intellectual property and know-how of Common Purpose. 

It has five subsidiaries: Common Purpose UK, Common Purpose International, Common Purpose Global Customized Limited, Common Purpose Asia-Pacific and Common Purpose Student Experiences.

Company registered number: 2832875
Charity registered number: 1023384

Common Purpose Asia-Pacific Limited

Company information

Common Purpose Asia-Pacific Limited is registered as an International Charitable Organization (ICO), registered in Singapore and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Common Purpose Charitable Trust. It is established to provide charitable and other supporting activities aimed at educational work.

Charity registered number: 201331830Z

Common Purpose Limited

Company information

This trading company manages the licensing arrangements with licensees around the world and delivers customized work to global corporate organizations.

Common Purpose Limited is a subsidiary of and covenants all profits to the Common Purpose Charitable Trust.

Company registered number: 8613775

Common Purpose Student experiences

Company information

Common Purpose Student Experiences Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, and a UK registered charity. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Common Purpose Charitable Trust, established to promote and execute leadership programmes for students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Company registered number: 9526939
Charity registered number: 1163254