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Common Purpose Germany delivers transformative leadership experiences for individuals and organizations who want to make a difference – in their worlds and the world around them

At Common Purpose, we firmly believe in a vital and unseen "space" that exists in our society. This space lies between individuals and the state, navigating the balance between personal responsibility and the obligations of institutions and society. It is a place where people join forces to act for the common good, open to individuals from all walks of life. Filled with connection, curiosity, inclusion and intentionality, this space is the key to our society, emphasizing active participation over passivity.

Our goal is to fill this space with as many people as possible. People who may not see themselves as leaders in the traditional sense. We will inspire you, and help you build the skills, mindsets the connections you need to develop effectively. We want to encourage a wide variety of people to get involved. We want to see a wide variety of initiatives emerge. We want to discover new leaders in the bustling crowd - and show the lone voices that they are not alone. In short, we develop leaders who who lead differently and are inspired to create real change in the world.

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Personal development

Turbo-charge your leadership


Develop your leadership style and create positive change.


Becoming a leader is easy. Being a leader... is not. Our programme for the orientation and development of emerging leaders.


What legacy do you want to leave behind? Shape the future of Sachsen now!


What legacy do you want to leave behind? Shape the future of Hamburg now!

Your Turn

We bring young people together across schools and districts to inspire each other and become young leaders.

Business Solutions

Transform your organization

We enable organizations to adapt and grow. Working with you, we create best-in-class customized leadership development experiences specific to your unique organizational culture and challenges. Our solutions will help grow the mindset, skills, and competencies at all levels of your organization.


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