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Take the lead

Ignite the impact of women in leadership

Our take

The value of gender diversity, particularly in the workplace, is something we must make greater efforts to solve. Women bring different perspectives and approaches to the world of work which can result in a more inclusive workplace and often better results in organizations. Inclusive leaders and inclusive organizations outperform those that are not. Yet women remain underrepresented in all levels of management.

Our work aims to advance and develop female leaders of all generations and socioeconomic backgrounds, helping them share their experiences with the next generation of female leaders to spark, motivate and mentor. All driving change towards more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable organizations and society.

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Who we work with

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Aesha Francis
Co-Founder, Urban Mindfulness Foundation
"As a person of colour, I’m used to working with people who are different from me, in diverse cultural contexts. However, the Common Purpose Programme supported my confidence to work with people in different positions of power more skilfully by balancing humility and self-belief and by suspending my assumptions."
Lauren Clarke
Vice Rector of International Relations, Sampoerna University
"Common Purpose’s experiential learning approach means you actually see things in play and hear how leaders implement strategies in their own organizations. It’s really precious – it’s hard to get that level of candour otherwise."
Criselda Bunu
Assistant Director, Jo'burg Child Welfare
"The programme has given me an insight into myself and I believe it will help me to lead in a more effective way. The lessons learnt will be translated to my work, professional space, and personal and interpersonal relationships."

The challenge

Now, more than ever, women in leadership roles need to be able to:

Build their confidence, resilience and/ or courage

Expand their influence and voice

Enhance their brand

Elevate their impact

Find or renew their purpose

Address systemic challenges and drive transformation

Overcome personal and professional barriers

Our solutions

Let's work together to ignite the impact of women in leadership

No singular solution can increase the influence and impact of women in the workplace. So we offer a variety of solutions that can be taken in isolation or as part of a wider change programme.

The Tailored Solution

Bespoke programmes

Designed to support your wider change strategy.

The Quick Solution

In-house workshops

Two-hour or half-day workshops on specific women in leadership themes such as creating agency, resilience and courage, purposeful leadership, leading systems change, connection, raising and trusting your voice, breaking imposter syndrome, and valuing all your commitments.  

The Real World Solution

Our signature programmes

Open to all with diverse cross-sector participant groups.

Next steps

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How we can work with you


Our philosophy

Success for women in leadership is more than just breaking down barriers. Its about the mindset, skills and network that take you to the next level. That’s why we have created our COMPASS framework focused on supporting women in leadership to explore their:


Confidence in your own abilities is crucial in good leadership. So we work with you to develop your self belief in your own leadership and professional abilities, form a network of peers who support and advise, and learn about authentic leadership, and how to bring your whole self to work.


Developing the right mindset – inclusive, courageous and intentional – will give you a better understanding of how your way of viewing the world determines your behaviour and outlook; how you interpret, and respond to situations; and ultimately, how you effectively and efficiently make change happen.


All leadership happens in context – in a particular place and at a particular time. The Common Purpose Good Leadership Model will help you to be effective in different contexts and situations. Adapting better to different contexts, drawing on deep insights and diverse networks to make better decisions or by broadening your horizons to better understand how people and places interconnect.


Attributes are the qualities, behaviours and characteristics we see as being crucial, must haves, to leading change. You must demonstrate these key attributes in your approach:

  • Resilience
  • Agility
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

And finally you need to develop some key skills to deliver change and cross boundaries, effectively and efficiently. These must be learned, practiced, and refined to enable you to accelerate the pace of change. Across our programmes, to different degrees, you will be given the knowledge, understanding, tools and techniques to develop the following key people skills:

  • Active listening
  • Building trust
  • Decision making
  • Effective questioning
  • Giving and receiving of feedback
  • Influencing
  • Problem solving
  • Reflective practice
  • Storytelling / communication

This is core to all our women in leadership programmes.


of global leadership positions are held by women


women are 2x more likely than men to spend substantial time on DEI work


of women say it’s important for them to see women filling leadership roles where they work

Source: The LinkedIn Economic Graph (2023)

Source: LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company (2021)

Source: InHerSight (2021)

Why Common Purpose?

Our pedigree

At Common Purpose, we are committed in our support to the advancement and development of woman leaders of all generations and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

For over 30 years, we have worked with thousands of organizations to deliver on this purpose – developing people with the skills to tackle complex problems – both at work and in society – for lasting impact. 

We stand up for the things in which we believe. Aiming to be catalytic through our support of women in leadership, working with them in navigating and challenging social, institutional and cultural divides. Working to drive change towards more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable organizations and society.