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Welcome to Common Purpose USA, where we foster purpose-driven leadership nationwide. As a global nonprofit, we break down cultural and social barriers to empower individuals in workplaces and communities. Our dynamic programs champion good leadership and inspire transformative change. Join us in bridging divides, igniting connections, and shaping a brighter tomorrow together.


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Jennifer Skyler
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer and Chair of the American Express Foundation
"Nonprofits are facing high leadership turnover and burnout at a time when their services are needed the most. We transformed the Leadership Academy to help nonprofit leaders accelerate their development and build new skills to meet the unique challenges of this moment. "
Allison Alt
Environmental Protection Attorney, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
"I feel I have more tools to use to facilitate and create spaces for diverse and difficult conversations, as well as a greater understanding of what actions I can take to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. "
Rakesh Khurana
Dean, Harvard College
"In our ever more complex and interconnected world without obvious historical parallels, Common Purpose developed a breakthrough idea about the importance of Cultural Intelligence to navigate this new world and its contradictions. It has important implications and raises questions about our current systems for those involved in educating and developing future global citizens."

Our story in the US

Common Purpose’s story is one of innovation in leadership development, responding to the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Our journey into the United States, in 2016, came not from a desire for growth and expansion but from our desire to be a positive force for good in the US leadership development space – through a unique, boundary-breaking approach. 

Recognizing the profound impact that good leadership, cross-sector collaboration, and having a broader understanding of the issues facing society today can have. As well as how silos in society often hinder progress.

Common Purpose aims to act as a bridge, uniting individuals from different backgrounds, sectors, and generations so that they can build deeper and more meaningful connections.

Trusted relationships can not only break through the social discord that is keeping people apart today but also leverage the need for diverse voices to tackle today's complex challenges. 

For Common Purpose, real change in society comes from a shared responsibility among different generations to address challenges, promote understanding, and create positive outcomes. For that reason, we made the decision to work with multiple generations through our US portfolio of programs. 

The first cornerstone of our US work was initiatives for young people – a generation we are deeply committed to supporting.

Our innovative programs, like Chicago200 in partnership with the Chicago Community Trust and further local partnerships supporting university-based leadership programs with Harvard and Northeastern University, aimed to empower the next generation to lead with purpose, fostering agency and responsibility. These continue to grow.  

Next in our story came a series of amazing collaborations with some of the US’s leading philanthropic organizations - amplifying our impact through a commitment to social leadership development. Working with organizations like the American Express Foundation and Delta, we supported countless high-potential leaders across the US to become more resilient changemakers in the nonprofit sector.

We proudly design and deliver programs designed to cater to the unique needs of the U.S. market, drawing participants from corporate boardrooms, government offices, nonprofit organizations, and local communities.

Initiatives that emphasized experiential dynamic learning environments. Using cities as classrooms to really encourage participants to step out of their comfort zones and engage in real-world problem-solving.  

The story of Common Purpose in the U.S. is fundamentally one of resilience, adaptability, and the transformative power of leadership when grounded in a commitment to the common good. But our story is really only just beginning. Common Purpose wants to continue to support organizations from all sectors across the US to help create a future where leaders, inspired by a shared commitment to equity and inclusion, collaborate across sectors and generations – where the power of good leadership flourishes through unexpected connections. 

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