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The CQ Quiz for Students

Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is essential for students so they can better engage with other cultures in a deep and meaningful way and take advantage of the unique learning opportunity the university experience presents. This is especially the case for those studying as (or with) international students who are well positioned to become global leaders.


Eight Poles

CQ is something which we can continuously improve and develop over the duration of our lives. The difficulty is in acquiring it. We do this through our experiences, but also with knowledge imparted by other people whom we trust – and who trust us enough to share their knowledge. Our Eight Poles assessment is a structured way of using our networks to get feedback along our CQ journey.

Index survey

Team Inclusivity Index

We believe there is a direct link between inclusion and performance. Inclusive teams turn diversity into a strength, so that they are more resilient and innovative. We have worked with partners and clients across the globe to develop the Team Inclusivity Index (TII). The Index assesses how the team works and doesn't work, and how members interact and don't interact. Discover your team’s TII and explore how our CQ learning framework can improve your team’s index.