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What will your generation’s legacy be?


In 2047, Pakistan will be 100 years old – how will you shape your country’s future?

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Do you want to connect with other amazing young leaders across Pakistan and the globe to make a difference to your country?

Do you want to connect with a range of Pakistan’s most prominent senior leaders to have your say on some of Pakistan’s challenges?

Do you want to gain skills that will increase your employability and add to your resume?

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Junaid Iqbal, Entrepreneur

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the generation who will be in leadership positions at the time when our country turns 100 to come together - not as Sindhis, Punjabis, Balochs, Pathans - but as one generation of Pakistanis envisioning what type of Pakistan they want to lead” 

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Why take part?

Pakistan100 is your opportunity to come together with other young Pakistanis and think about what your generation’s legacy will be. You will be part of a diverse group of 16-24 year olds from all corners of Pakistan and Pakistanis living across the globe. Together you will learn leadership skills and develop the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) it takes to work together and bridge the boundaries that separate us. The future needs leaders with CQ: those who can deal with complex challenges in a way that brings people together and makes progress in society.

Every participant who completes the programme will receive a Certificate of Completion and the Common Purpose Legacy Leadership Badge: a digital badge you can add to your LinkedIn profile and resume. You will also become part of the 90,000+ Common Purpose Alumni around the world as well as the unique network of Pakistan100 participants.

What happens on Pakistan100?

Over four weeks, Pakistan100 participants will come together to learn, brainstorm, test, refine and present their vision for Pakistan. Our young leaders will learn from established leaders known as the First50, investigate key issues, hold difficult conversations, and collaborate to define what they hope Pakistan’s future will hold.

The First50 will serve as group advisors, speakers and hosts throughout the programme. They will be supporting the participants – and in doing so they will see the future of Pakistan through the eyes of the next generation.

  • Join a private Facebook group for your Pakistan100 cohort
  • Complete weekly modules of the Common Purpose CQ Accelerator
  • Access exclusive webinars, forums and online content
  • Become a leader for your country
Javed Khan, Chief Executive of Bernardo’s

“This a great opportunity for anyone who associates with Pakistan because of their heritage to think about the Pakistan that we want to see – this is your chance to get involved, develop yourself along the way and make a contribution in a very special way to the prosperity of our country” 

Programme Outcomes

Social Capital: Create a cohesive generation working towards being better, more culturally intelligent leaders for Pakistan.

Leadership Development: Develop young leaders who possess the necessary leadership skills to enable them to collaborate with various people including but not limited to people from different backgrounds, privilege, culture and genders.

Global Community: Establish a diverse network of young Pakistani leaders across Pakistan and the diaspora community to create a community of like-minded aspiring leaders, ready to create a legacy for their generation.

Youth Action: Encourage and facilitate young leaders to start engaging as proud citizens, develop ideas and solutions to create a lasting legacy for their generation on Pakistan’s 100th birthday.


Read the Pakistan100 Impact Report.


Register your interest to be notified when applications for our next cohort open.

Who can apply? Pakistan100 is open to all 16-24 year olds in Pakistan, from Pakistan, or of Pakistani origin.

How much does it cost? Pakistan100 is free. 

Where? Online: blended learning taking place via Facebook & Zoom, with approximately 10 hours of total learning.

Application Process

The application process for Pakistan100 involves answering a few questions about your passion for leadership and your country. These questions can be answered by whichever format feels most comfortable to you be it written, video submission, a piece of artwork, song or photograph – however you best feel you can express your desire to take responsibility for the legacy of Pakistan.