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What will your generation's legacy be?


In 2032, it will be 150 years since Newcastle was formally granted city status – how will you shape Newcastle’s future?

March 2023

Newcastle150 convenes a diverse group of leaders, aged 18-25, from across Newcastle to address the question: "What will the legacy of our generation be?" Because after all, they are the generation who will shape Newcastle ahead.

Newcastle150 is part of Legacy; a global campaign by Common Purpose, which invests in young people across the world so they can become a connected generation of leaders with a clear vision for what their legacy will be. Click here to see other legacy programmes around the world.

By doing Newcastle150 you will:

  • Meet a new, diverse group of young people who care about making change happen in Newcastle
  • Develop and practice leadership skills such as problem solving, communication and team working
  • Earn great experience that will benefit your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Connect with established leaders across all parts of Newcastle's community
  • Additional opportunities to receive free, personalized leadership coaching sessions

 If you're a young leader aged 18-25 from the Newcastle area, register your interest for this free online programme here!

Jane Robinson, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Engagement & Place, Newcastle University

"Newcastle University is firmly rooted in this City and its community. Working with Common Purpose on the Legacy Programme – is a great opportunity to hear the voices of young people of all backgrounds setting out what they want the City to be in the future. We want to play our part in making that ambition a reality. We hope this programme will give young people the opportunity to gain the experience and confidence not just to share their ideas, but to become the leaders of the future."

More information

Why take part?

Newcastle150 is your opportunity to come together as a generation and think through what your generation's legacy will be. As part of a highly diverse group of peers, you will tackle real social challenges facing Newcastle.

What happens on Newcastle150?

You'll join a group of c100 people in Newcastle to tackle a pressing challenge your city faces. This year's challenge is: How can we act together to transform Newcastle into a cleaner, greener place for all?

You'll come together online to investigate issues, collaborate, hold difficult conversations and work up ideas. You'll test, refine and present them to leaders in Newcastle.

Newcastle150 is inter-generational, giving you the opportunity to work with around 30 established leaders from across Newcastle, who act as group advisors, speakers and immersion hosts. The established leaders benefit from seeing the world through your eyes – the next generation.

Liz Bromley, Chief Executive, NCG

"NCG is delighted to continue our sponsorship of the Common Purpose Legacy programme because we believe in our young people. They should be shaping the future of our places, they should have a voice in determining our priorities. NCG delivers life changing educational programmes and so it makes great sense for us to work in partnership with Common Purpose on the Legacy programme to ensure that future options are being shaped by those who will be living with them."

Assessment results


feel a responsibility to shape the future of Newcastle


feel more confident that their generation can create the legacy they want for Newcastle 


recognize the value in bringing in wider perspectives when making decisions 

Programme outcomes

The 2021 group came up with seven ideas to address the challenge:

  • Up North
    Upcycling and reusing items to extend their life-cycle by playing on the skills and working with all sectors of the community around us, this holistic approach
    involves generations of all ages and allows for true community engagement whilst reducing waste as a city. By engaging organizations and individuals we can use pre-existing networks to collate these skill sets and advance our core capabilities.

  • Waste Not, Want Not
    Managing waste is a waste of time. (People feel it's a waste of time to manage waste efficiently as they don't receive a direct benefit) 'There is no
    time to waste to tackle waste management'.

  • Bulleatin'
    Awareness and advertising campaign to tackle food waste.

  • Enefix
    With the help of students from local University student groups/faculties, develop a pilot scheme to provide information and advice for homeowners/tenants on how they can reduce their energy bills and save energy.
  • Grass not Gas
    Reduce car emissions through the implementation of green infrastructure and parklets in city centre car parking spaces. Reduce car emissions to address climate change/create social, civic and economic value to spaces/improve urban biodiversity and implementation of green infrastructure to reduce flooding.

  • Compare My Carbon 
    We want to promote the multiple benefits (cost, health, eco etc.) of sustainable choices at a grass roots level. We want to develop an App to compare the benefits/costs of lifestyle choices such as coffee, travel, work, leisure, housing, and to potentially financially incentivise positive choices. By grading choices in terms of benefits
    (think EPC ratings), positive choices are encouraged.

  • Composting Club
    We're going to run educational composting initiatives within partner schools, including through after school composting clubs. Once children understand the benefits of composting, they can take that back to their parents (with some information material) to get households to start composting.


Click here to read the full Newcastle150 Impact Report.

Elliot Tate, Participant, Newcastle150

"Newcastle150 is a great initiative which brings a lot of bright and willing young people together to work collaboratively on important issues."


When? March 2023

How much? Newcastle150 is free.

Who can apply? Young leaders aged 18-25 living, working or studying in Newcastle.

Application Process

The application process for Newcastle150 involves answering a question which reflects your passion for leadership and your city. The question can be answered by whichever means feels most comfortable to you, be it written, video submission, a piece of artwork, song or photograph – however you best feel you can express your desire to take responsibility for the legacy of Newcastle.

Erin Price, Head of Talent and Training, Northumbrian Water Group

"Northumbrian Water Group is committed to ensuring we build the skills of the next generation and provide them with opportunities to learn and thrive. The Newcastle150 Programme is an opportunity for young people to come together, share ideas, collaborate and learn from one another to set a clear vision for their legacy. We are delighted to be part of the programme and supporting young people in this way."

Volunteer for Newcastle150

We are looking for leaders from all backgrounds to contribute to Newcastle150 – sharing their insight and, in the process, seeing their city or country through the eyes of the next generation. We need speakers, panellists, mentors and immersion hosts. If you want to be a contributor, sign up below.