In 2045, it will be 100 years since Europe had to rebuild itself from the rubble of World War II. When we reach this milestone, you will be the leaders of Europe. Leaders of households, communities, offices, organizations and countries.

Key information

Who's it for?

Young professionals and students aged 18-25 years living in or from Europe


4 weeks







Europe101 is a free online programme, which convenes diverse groups of modern leaders, aged 18-25, challenging you to think through what sort of leaders your generation want to be and giving you the skills to become them. Because after all, you are the generation who will shape Europe 100 years on.

Europe101 will equip you with networks and Cultural Intelligence so you can become a leader who brings positive, game-changing impact. Together with other young leaders from across Europe, you'll be asked to address the important challenge: "What will our generation's legacy on Europe be?"

As you tackle this question, you'll discover not only your own potential, but what that potential could realistically look like. Prepare to connect, be informed, and most importantly, forge real change.

Our approach

How it works


Join forces with like-minded peers from your city / region / continent and work together to address a pressing challenge that's impacting your community.

Connect with industry and city leaders to explore the challenge through their eyes. They will give you their perspectives on how they are working to create real change.

Work together in small teams to come up with a creative way to help tackle the challenge. You will have the opportunity to test and refine your idea across the programme.

Pitch your game-changing idea to a panel of industry experts and gain valuable feedback along the way. You will learn how to improve your leadership skills and set achievable goals for your future success.

Why take part?

Boundaries are everywhere. Between sectors, geographies, specializations, backgrounds and beliefs. Europe, too, is full of boundaries. Boundaries that modern leaders must cross in order for Europe to reach its full potential and become a global force for good. Europe101 is your opportunity to come together with your peers from across Europe, think through what you want your generation’s legacy to be and develop the leadership skills that you will need to establish it.

Camilla Sievers
Europe101 Patron, Venture Partner, Female Founders
"The younger generation must be provided with the tools to change the future. When Europe101 was created it was about investing in the leaders of 2045. There is now far more urgency, Europe101 is about empowering you to be a leader now."

What happens on Europe101?

Over 4 weeks, you will join an online cohort of up to a thousand 18-25 year olds living in or from Europe to learn, connect and transform together. As a Europe101 participant, you will: 

  • Independently complete one learning module per week, on the Europe101 learning Moodle
  • Develop your leadership abilities against your generation's Europe101 Model of Leadership
  • Get access to your cohort's private Facebook group to connect with each other
  • Join live webinars, panels and Q&As with leading specialists and our 50+ Patrons across Europe
  • Network with your cohort peers, building relationships across the continent & around the world
  • Receive the Europe101 certificate of completion & micro-credential signifying your learning and can be displayed on your CV, resume or LinkedIn profile
  • Have the opportunity to apply to become a Europe101 Ambassador


Europe101 is intergenerational, giving you the opportunity to hear from our Patrons, established leaders from across Europe who act as group contributors, speakers and advisors on your learning journey. The Patrons, in turn, benefit from seeing the world through your eyes - the next generation of European leaders. 

Gordon Bajnai
Former Prime Minister (Hungary)
"What really got me excited about Europe101 when we first discussed it was that it’s about the future. It is not about what is in it for me or what is in it for my generation. It is all about how we can help you, the Europe101 generation, as our testament to Europe. So you can gain skills, build a network and to agree on some basic principles without our generation telling you what you should do."


Modern Leaders: young people building the Europe101 Model of Leadership


Organizations spanning the private, environmental, music, sport, youth advocacy and education sectors


Patrons: established leaders committed to supporting the next generation and legacy of Europe


European countries

The online programme

The 'Liquid Leadership' Model was translated in to the Europe101 Online Programme. In 2022 we delivered five Europe101 online programmes.


Young Leaders participated in and graduated from one of these online programmes


participants represented 43 countries across the continent of Europe


Speakers acted as guides and speakers on the online programme or joined us during the three ‘live’ zoom workshops per programme


Organizations/institutions: whether in education, full time employment, training, volunteering or transition, Europe101 is an accessible opportunity for young leaders from diverse backgrounds and experiences



Programme outcomes

What's in it for me?

Develop your skills

Build and practice leadership skills such as problem solving, communication and working in diverse teams.

Find your voice

Voicing your ideas and opinions is an art. For some it comes naturally, while others really need to work at it. Either way it is a skill that is really important to practice.

Grow your networks

Connect with established leaders and organizations who are working together to tackle complex problems.

Connect with peers

Work with young professionals and peers from your city. Build your connections and have lots of fun along the way!

Showcase your learning

Earn great industry relevant experience that will benefit your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Practical tools and tactics

Real take aways that you can continue to practice and apply in your everyday back at work or studying.

The experience

An experience like no other...

Europe101 is an unforgettable experience! It unlocks exclusive access to industry and regional leaders - their challenges and their innovative thinking. Across four weeks you will be working as teams with peers to raise your voice and explore the future of Europe. 
Most importantly, you will learn so much more about yourself - what drives you, what your strengths are and how you can use your voice to leave a legacy.

Quote mark graphic
Maisie Bailey
Customer Service Assistant , Lloyds Banking Group
"A really insightful experience, I have learnt how important having different opinions are when tackling complex problems. Also that working with new but diverse people is really important! I will certainly speak up more in my world of work rather than shy away from opinions."
Pierre Gurdjian
President of Board of Directors, Université Libre de Bruxelles
"I am genuinely excited to be a Patron of the Europe101 initiative, which is both timely and badly needed. Now is the moment to mobilise Europe’s youth in service of the European ideal. The approach leveraging online learning is both refreshing and impactful. Europe101 will be a powerful platform for generating the energies of a challenged and talented generation."
Abee Howe
Environmental Assistant , Inspiring Communities Together
"This course has helped me gain skills in leadership and expanded my confidence in a group setting along with gaining the ability to take a step back to really listen to others in my team."

Next steps

Are you ready?

Step forward and use your voice to shape the future of Europe.


Register your interest for the next cohort of Europe101.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, if you have any further questions or would just like to discuss the programme in more detail, please reach out to a member of our team in your specific location who would be delighted to help.

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We are a global not-for-profit leadership development organization on a mission to develop people who can cross cultural, social, and institutional boundaries. We work passionately with people to help push the boundaries of what is possible, all so that they can become those who can help us to work better together, be the connectors of our unique lived experiences and lead, with a difference.

Yes! The Common Purpose Charitable Trust was established as a charity in 1989. It is registered with the Charity Commission under the Registered Charity number 1023384.

The benefits of Common Purpose leadership programmes include gaining increased:  

  • Agility in adapting to changing circumstances and environments.  

  • Empathy to what other people feel, think and need. Seeing things from their point of view.

  • Influence in leading change with limited decision-making power.  

  • Openness to new ideas, possibilities and perspectives, including views they might deeply disagree with.    

  • Purposefulness in leading with intentionality, determination, commitment and resilience.

  • Self-awareness to their behaviours and outlook, and how they interpret and respond to situations.

When it comes to learning, there is no substitute for the power of real experience and fresh perspective. Our approach uses a robust behaviour and mindset change philosophy rooted in real life leadership challenges and experiences. To turn those experiences into real learning we follow five tried and tested steps that lead to habitual change in how people think, feel and act.    

  1. Experience: Being presented with new experiences. Engaging with leaders across multiple boundaries and being immersed in new environments.   

  1. Reflection: Learning activities to gain a deeper and more personalized understanding of the learning.    

  1. Translate: Exploring how to relate new ideas and thought processes back into the learner’s role or context.

  1. Practice: Developing a set of leadership practices that can be used to turn new behaviours into habits.

  1. Assess: Embedding numerous assessments to help learners track their progress pre, during and even beyond the programme.

Experiential learning is a core component of our programmes.   

Our programmes create a carefully constructed microclimate to explore real-life leadership challenges in a safe environment, often leading to the types of purpose-driven conversations needed to achieve transformative change.  

We also focus on the importance of active learning, by getting people out of their comfort zones and into the world, seeing things, meeting people, taking part, and taking advantage of processes that stimulate multiple neural connections in the brain and promote memory.