Common Purpose UK

Common Purpose UK is a not-for-profit organization that develops leaders who can cross boundaries. This enables them to solve complex problems both in organizations and in cities. 

We deliver a range of leadership programmes for individuals, organizations and universities in cities across the United Kingdom. 

The Common Purpose Programme

Powerful, interactive online learning for leaders who want to cross boundaries

In these uniquely challenging times, the demand for effective leadership – in our organizations and in society – has never been greater. We face problems that are complex and interconnected – problems that can only be solved by leaders who see the bigger picture and adapt to an ever-changing context.

That's why, at Common Purpose, we have distilled our 30 years of our unique leadership development experience into these two powerful online programmes for senior and emerging leaders. We believe that now, more than ever, we need to support and develop leaders who can cross boundaries, solve complex problems and produce change.

Today's challenge – tomorrow's world

In this article Louise Teboul, Operations Director at Common Purpose UK, and Manny Sandhu, Director at West Midlands Employers, talk about the importance of leading across boundaries in a world full of complex problems. You can read the full article here.

Our impact

Learn more about the impact our programmes have on individuals, organizations and society.

30 bursaries for 30 years of leadership

To mark our 30 year anniversary, we are offering 30 free bursary places on our leadership programmes. The places will be available to people, and organizations, who would not normally be able to afford to invest in their own leadership development, for example, small social enterprises, start-ups and small charities. 


Our approach to leadership development uses a robust methodology which creates lasting impact.

Find out more about Common Purpose UK, our people and our governance.

Legacy Programmes

Increasingly, Common Purpose is working with local partners in UK cities to design and deliver Legacy Programmes. These programmes bring together young people in a city or country to address the question: “What will the legacy of our generation be?” Because after all, they are the generation who will shape the future. There are 10 place-based Legacy programmes planned across the UK in 2021, including Newcastle, Sheffield, Bradford and Leeds.

Riaz Shah, Partner, Global Talent, EY

“Common Purpose’s proposition around leadership and Cultural Intelligence is cutting edge, speaking to the heart of the leadership challenge of society today.” 

Leadership in the North of England

In summer 2018, we wanted to find out what people were thinking about leadership in the North of England. We believed we could reach a diverse group of leaders from a range of backgrounds who would be willing to share their perspectives on leadership in the North – and we did. We received a wealth of responses from leaders at all levels in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors and students.

We are pleased to share with you our report, which provides insight into what these leaders think about the strength and diversity of their networks, where they think good leadership manifests, and how they believe they are contributing to the success of the North. It also raises important questions about the future of leadership in the North and the qualities that are most important for the next generation of leaders.