Common Purpose
Third-Level Pitstop

Common Purpose third-level Pitstops are designed to develop the leadership capacity of third-level students in order for them to become better equipped to lead positive change in their own institutions and beyond.

Gillian Mangan , Student, Portobello Institute

“My confidence in myself, my speaking and my future career have developed greatly thanks to this programme. I’ve developed a better way of communicating, through public speaking, debating, listening and having new challenges. You meet all sorts of different peers and leaders and influences on the programme. You get to understand people more and get great advice on leadership skills, job opportunities and how to work with different companies from the voluntary, private and public sectors”.

What are the benefits to students?

Common Purpose uses tried and tested curricula and honed delivery techniques to provide experiential Pitstops that support students to:

  • Explore and share understanding of leadership and examine the building blocks of leadership.
  • Be empowered to take on healthy leadership roles in their college, community and society.
  • Share power and respect.
  • Create a strong group identity that both empowers individuals to achieve personal goals and mobilizes the group for collective action.
  • Enhance participants’ skills in leadership and communication.
  • Create a better understanding of the vision for their institution and how it works

Programme Format and Location


The Common Purpose Method

 We bring a toolkit of tried and tested methods and approaches gathered over 20 years developing leaders of all ages and from all parts of society. These include:

  • Facilitated conversations and dialogue: Participate in a wide variety of different techniques aimed at facilitating high-level, transformative conversations.
  • Structured reflection time: identify and apply the learning back to your own leadership challenges.
  • Signature Techniques: Learn how to develop as a leader, broaden your networks, make better decisions and drive bold innovation through our signature exercises. 
  • Inspiring and challenging leaders: Learn from leaders who have taken risks and led change in a wide range of contexts e.g. entrepreneurs, civil servants, charity founders, senior business leaders, etc. (Optional)
  • Behind-the-scenes visits to organizations: have open and frank conversations with senior leaders from organizations to learn about their realities of decision-making and leadership. (Optional)

Through our diverse curriculum, we endeavour to encourage greater understanding, innovation and engagement across student teams, enabling more effective leadership to emerge within and across third-level institutions and the community.


Third-Level Pitstops are run across Ireland and can take place in your institution or any suitable location of your choosing. It is the responsibility of the client to secure a venue and arrange the catering for the Pitstop.

Organizing a Pitstop

Get in touch

For enquiries please contact on (01) 872 9322, email, or get in touch using the online enquiries form.


Programme Costs

The programme costs include coordination, chairing, materials and provision for sourcing and/or briefing external contributors for up to 30 participants.

Some modifications to cost, content and duration can be made; the cost averages €3,000 per day.

If you cannot pay the full fee, please do not be deterred from contacting the team to explore options. Common Purpose will work with your organization to come to an arrangement that will suit all.

Azriel Lu, Student, 3U Partnership

“The programme was fantastic! You will meet diverse group of people, make new friends, and connections. You will gain understanding of power shifts in society. The experience will prepare you for work with other people in collaborative, respectful relationships. The reflections afterwards can make you more aware on diversity in society and among your peers.”