Common Purpose / 06 February 2024

3 Reasons It Might Be Time To Rethink Your Mindset

Want to work on the one thing that remains integral to how you operate over the course of your career? Read on.


Jobs will come and go, they’ll chop, change and evolve over time, but one thing remains integral to how you operate over the course of your career: Your mindset.

When we strip it all back, it would be safe to say your mindset is everything. It dictates how you feel about things, it can motivate you to get out there more, or it can slow you down in different circumstances, and, it can be responsible for the way we interact with people.

That’s why at Common Purpose we’re really (like, really) into thinking about mindset – specifically, better understanding how we can harness it to make real impact in our work. Our Digital Learning Experience Designer, Jonny Kowal put it best when he wrote, “Our mindset determines the efficacy of your learning – what you learn, when you learn and how you learn.”

As a leader, learning - and having a mindset that is open to learning - is essential if you are to bring people along with you, especially in a world that is ever-changing, and growing ever-complex.

But herein lies the issue: How do you know when it might be time to rethink your mindset? It’s a question that undoubtedly puzzles the best of us, but with that said, there are recognisable signs and signals that you can look out for. So, without further ado, read on as we unpack the different (and subtle) ways your brain is telling you to rethink your mindset.

1. You’re feeling easily agitated and antsy

Finding it difficult to sit in front of your computer for more than 30mins? Have you felt yourself becoming frustrated at small things at work that haven’t bothered you in the past? We’ve all had a moment when it feels like nothing is going right. And while some will push through these moments, it’s important to recognise it as a new opportunity to rethink your mindset.

This could look like writing down everything that has previously brought you joy in your job as a reminder of why you worked there in the first place. Or, if these things no longer feel motivating or exciting, try to think of ways you can bring that motivation and excitement back into your life.

2. You’re feeling bored and stagnate – it seems like nothing’s going on at all.

Scrolling on Instagram while you’re supposed to be working? Getting easily distracted by mundane things out the window? Feeling completely unmotivated to tackle those big tasks? It might be time to take stock of why you’re losing interest in your work - and do something about it.

So how might this look? Try shifting your mindset from the here and now, and consider why you’re feeling bored or unmotivated. What is it about your work that isn’t engaging you? Then think about what kinds of work would engage and motivate you to be productive and get things done. If you can put your finger on it, go forth and pursue! If it’s less clear, try taking a calculated route which might at least lead you to something different – the point is to do something, and see what sticks.

3. You’re feeling constantly tired

We’ve all said it as we slope into the lounge with a lousy microwaved dinner after a hectic day of back to back tasks and meetings: “It’ll be less busy next week, or next month, or next year.”

The reality is, if your job is tiring you out to the point where you can’t enjoy things outside of work, then it’s time to rethink the position you’re in.

There are a couple of routes you could try if you’re ready to make that change:  Firstly, you could speak to your line-manager or boss and explain the situation to them. It might be that they can move you onto a new project, or offer you a different position that is more aligned to your passions. Or secondly, come up with a list of things that give you energy and zest for life. If you can pursue and experience them in life, brilliant. If you can pursue and experience them in your work life, that’s a great bonus.


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