Common Purpose / 12 September 2023

Common Purpose launches an innovative new venture, EvolveCareers to help dismantle barriers young people face in employment

An engaging, industry-driven and on-demand learning experience designed by award-winning learning and career experts.

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In today’s world, achieving academic success does not always equate to a smooth path towards employment and career success. To address this, Common Purpose has today announced the launch of EvolveCareers, an EdTech entity aimed at revolutionizing the way young people transition from education into the dynamic world of work.

Delivering an engaging, industry-driven and on-demand learning experience designed by award-winning learning and career experts, EvolveCareers’ Career Accelerator programme provides young professionals with essential skills to dismantle common barriers, and equips them with mindsets that will complement conventional learning experiences, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the workforce.

“Our commitment to opening doors of opportunity for young people from all walks of life through our award-winning programmes and experiences has been a pivotal part of our Common Purpose journey,” says Adirupa Sengupta, Group Chief Executive of Common Purpose.

“But innovation is our heartbeat. Through the years we've evolved our learning experiences to match diverse learning styles and situations to ensure no one is left behind in this interconnected world. With EvolveCareers, we take that commitment to the next level,” she adds.

The platform’s curriculum is built in tandem with unique and real-time insights from career specialists connected to leading employers including Ernst & Young, Meta and Schneider Electric. These tailored solutions address critical issues; from how to operate effectively in an organizational system and communicating across functions and countries, to influencing senior leadership, overcoming imposter syndrome, and serving diverse clients. 

For those who are about to begin their careers, the platform also draws from the lived experiences of recent graduates, high-potential emerging leaders, recruiters and senior executives. Their insights help to demystify the world of work, shed light on industry pathways and uncover the secrets to progression.

“The gap between education and the world of work is increasing in ways it has never done before. New skills, new technology, new jobs - the pathway to career success has never been more complicated for young people,” says Andy Coxall, Managing Director of EvolveCareers.  

“With EvolveCareers, we're not merely shaping careers and bridging gaps; we're carving out a legacy of enduring impact that reverberates through generations. We are hugely excited to be launching this new venture to support young talent as they transition and accelerate through their early career.”

To learn more, visit our website, engage with us on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, and connect with us.

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