Leadership programmes

Social impact programmes

Programmes for leaders who want to increase their impact at home and in their place of heritage – and build bridges between the two.

Participants on a programme in Hong Kong.

Leadership development can be a powerful way of creating social impact. People with leadership skills are more likely to drive solutions to problems in their own community. But designing and delivering leadership programmes that achieve this is no small task. That’s why organizations – including foundations, government agencies and development organizations – work with us to create bespoke leadership programmes with lasting impact.

We believe that in order to solve complex problems, leaders need to be able to cross boundaries: between sectors, specializations, geographies, generations, backgrounds and beliefs. For 30 years, we have worked with organizations such as Comic Relief, EU, UK AID (DFID), Australian Awards, British Council, Anna Lindh Foundation, National Youth Council of Singapore and MacArthur Foundation, to create programmes that specialize in developing leaders who can cross these boundaries.

We do this by getting leaders to experience the world and the people around them. We draw on our extensive network to create diverse experiences where participants can learn about real leadership from leaders who are tackling complex problems. Because we operate globally, we are able to create programmes with local focus in over 100 locations across the world. Furthermore, our thought leadership, which includes Leading Beyond Authority (LBA) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) provides a valuable framework that leaders can use to work together more effectively.

If your organization wants to create social impact, then we want to speak to you. Whether it’s capacity building in Libya, developing NGO leaders in India or inspiring leaders in the diaspora, our experience and expertise has helped organizations as diverse as the EU, the British Council and the Anna Lindh Foundation fulfil their aim of developing leaders in specific locations around the world.