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RMIT Leadership Forum Worldwide

This programme is open to students studying at or with RMIT University. 

Disruptor or innovator, campaigner or catalyst, revolution or evolution. How will you change the world?

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Be part of the RMIT Leadership Forum Worldwide

We all have the capacity to make a difference, but how will you find your unique way of changing the world? With the complex challenges we in the 21st century face crossing boundaries of geography and generation, sector and specialization, belief and backgrounds, how will you discover where and how to make your mark? Who do you need to be as a leader to cross these boundaries and to flex and adapt your approach when confronted with the issues that you are passionate about?



For one day, discover inspiration and debate with 1,000 peers committed to standing up as the next generation of global leaders. Get to grips with the real issues and global challenges faced by leaders around the world.

Who you can hear from

Engage with visionary leaders representing massive international brands, as well as unsung heroes who make change happen in their communities. Reflect on what’s next for you in work and life with peers who share your passions (and a few who don’t).

Dang Quang, Student, RMIT

“The event has been really thought provoking. Thanks to the many incredible speakers I have gained a better insight on my journey to identify myself, and my leadership weakness and strength.”

Why take part?

This is your chance to stand up and take ownership of the leadership that will define you, your generation and the impact you will have on the world. As a result you will be better able to:

  • Understand when to lead within or outside systems
  • Appreciate when and how to lead across boundaries
  • Resonate your passions with diverse audiences
  • Articulate, own and live your leadership style and purpose

Find out more

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