Leadership programmes


Common Purpose works with over 1,000 organizations each year. We develop leaders who can cross boundaries at every level of an organization. 

Open programmes

Leaders develop the ability to cross boundaries as part of a diverse, cross-sector participant group. Find out more about our upcoming open programmes for leaders at different levels, delivered in cities around the world. 


We deliver online and face-to-face leadership development which weaves into an organization’s own programmes. Get in touch and find out how we can support your organization’s Leadership, Talent or Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

Wouter van Wersch, President & CEO, GE Asia-Pacific

“As global citizens, we recognize the need for strong leadership to tackle the challenges of an ever-changing, complex and boundary-less world. That’s why we have partnered with Common Purpose.”

CQ Accelerator

The CQ Accelerator is an experiential online leadership programme designed to grow the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) of your organization as a whole. Created to be delivered at scale, the programme enables organizations to become more inclusive, which leads to greater innovation and increasingly resilient teams.

Ilka Dunne, Leadership, Culture and Young Talent, Corporate and Investment Banking, Rand Merchant Bank

“Common Purpose has partnered with us on a range of programmes for the bank, including our NGO leadership network, our Manager Programme and on various team sessions. Common Purpose is always open to co-creating a programme that truly fits the place, system and people, and is therefore able to deliver initiatives that deliver on some of the most subtle of outcomes.”

In 2018, we worked with over 1,000 organizations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors

British Red Cross


Deloitte UK




Singapore Ministry of Finance


are better able to lead or operate within a diverse team


are better able to spot common ground and make connections between people


are better able to navigate complex situations involving multiple stakeholders


feel better able to contribute to their organization, city or country

Renee Hunt, Director, Sky Leeds

“The programme had immediate effect on the leaders that we sponsored to attend. They were recently promoted and faced challenges that would require new tools to navigate successfully. A young leader appeared to be overwhelmed before the programme and returned calmer and more balanced. They improved the performance of their teams and also of themselves.”

Over the past two years, BNP Paribas has partnered with Common Purpose in Asia-Pacific to develop leaders at various levels to be able to cross boundaries and drive bold innovations. As the bank marches towards its 2020 ambitions, it has made innovation, diversity and inclusion a strong priority.

Over the course of two years, we worked with leaders at BNP Paribas to deliver a series of experiential customized programmes that help achieve the organization’s goals. Over 150 people participated in workshops and immersions in which they

  • explored models of innovative leadership in different cultural contexts
  • engaged with leaders from different organizations to understand their purpose and the impact they have on their organizations
  • moved beyond just an awareness of Diversity and Inclusion to practical action by developing their Cultural Intelligence.

“The need to culturally transform and prepare our employees is critical for connectivity and innovation in this journey. The learning on Cultural Intelligence and the benefits of collaborations are absolutely invaluable in building our bank for the future. We believe this programme has opened new avenues in the minds of our people to be able to rethink both the present and the future.”
Angelo Pinto, Regional Head of Learning & Development, Head of APAC Campus BNP Paribas

Some of the feedback from participants:

“There were very good opportunities to hear voices from powerful leaders. All of them have passion and vision. I can reconfirm it’s necessary to lead the organization and to make changes and innovation.”

“I think this programme marks a good starting point for certain new ideas as well as to reinforce existing ideas whereby action needs to be taken.”

“This programme gave us practical insight into the changing dynamics and we understood the meaning of innovation and disruption; I can immediately implement the mind-set into my workplace.”

“The broad thought process about the rapidly changing market landscape will surely help us in a relevant manner. Listening to the elite speakers, it did add a lot of value to our understanding.”

In addition to partnering with Common Purpose on programmes for professionals, Pan-Asian life insurer FWD Group has also sponsored Common Purpose student programmes, which develop the next generation of leaders. This enabled FWD leaders to work with students as they tackled a challenge within their city. For the FWD team, it provided a unique insight into this next generation of global leaders, while the students gained a hugely powerful coaching opportunity from insurance industry professionals.

Most recently, FWD sponsored our Global Leader Experience in Manila, delivered in partnership with De La Salle University, where the students tackled the challenge: “How do smart cities ensure they are inclusive?” This included an immersion in the FWD offices, where students explored the company’s culture of innovation.

“I think the programme is a good way for students to be exposed to external realities and be aware of what is happening in the country. I also value the role I had as a mentor as it helped me learn to focus on the developmental progress of the students, rather than giving too much emphasis on the group output, which is the default mode in the corporate setting.”
Queenie Chua, Head of Business Intelligence, FWD Philippines

“I learned a lot from the speakers and other student leaders about Cultural Intelligence, social issues, and especially about myself. I’m thankful that I was able to learn and know more about myself to become a good leader.”
Hannah Calinisan, Participant, De La Salle University

“What made the biggest impact on me today was the different ideas that my co-participants presented. We were able to look at different problems mentioned from different perspectives, and work with different people.”
Armina Felicci Lara, Participant, De La Salle University

“We fully support Common Purpose and its primary objective of developing leaders who can cross boundaries. We have been continually impressed with the quality of students that we’ve met. They are a unique network of students–the next generation of global leaders, who we wouldn’t normally be able to access. Through programmes like these, we will be able to equip the next generation with the skills they need to lead.”
Mervin Pobre, Chief of Staff, FWD Philippines

In 2017, Common Purpose partnered with JPMorgan Chase India to create an experiential and immersive learning experience for its leaders. The aim of the programme was to give them the opportunity to deeply engage with non-profit organizations in India.

The leadership programme incorporated experiential learning and a unique curriculum that blends online and offline methods to help the participants start thinking differently, and outside their own areas of specialism and formal authority. The virtual phase consisted of two half-days using a virtual platform. The online programme helped them to understand how to work better with the non-profit sector and set the context of the non-profit sectors in India and the socio-political impact of their work.

Feedback posted by participants included:

“This programme taught me to appreciate the ability of people to work and achieve in a highly constrained environment.”

“The bonding with others during the course of the programme has opened my eyes, mind and heart to cultural differences. The immersion workshop at the sites with the NGO has also helped me identify and acknowledge the extensive diversity in our culture. I am better prepared to handle cultural differences now.”

“I have seen value in seeking multiple views and thoughts, especially from a diverse group who have the ability to come up with something very radical and different.”

The JPMorgan Chase India team worked with SNEHA (Society for Nutrition Education & Health Action), a non-profit organization that works with women, children and public health and safety systems. SNEHA shared their thoughts on the collaboration with JPMorgan Chase India:

“The JPMorgan Chase team was instrumental in providing SNEHA with excellent inputs in key domains of finance and HR. Their inputs on the cost effectiveness of our mobile health van service will also be very useful to inform government on the effectiveness of such a model.”

In 2018, MAVA, Fondation Pour la Nature, commissioned Common Purpose, in partnership with Mowgli Mentoring, to launch the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy. The four year partnership aims to develop leaders who can take the nature conservation movement forward and train the next generation of leaders.

“Effective leadership in the conservation sector is essential if we are to protect biodiversity for the benefit of people and nature. This investment in our partners will build capacity and capability, both for the individuals who take part and for their organizations. We have chosen to work with Common Purpose and Mowgli Mentoring as leaders in their respective fields.”
Andre Hoffmann, MAVA, Fondation Pour la Nature

The Academy is intergenerational, bringing together young and senior leaders from the Foundation’s partner organizations through an experiential leadership programme, which includes 360 degree feedback, mentoring and executive coaching. The Academy is designed to help participants translate their learning back into their organizations and beyond.

“The Academy has definitely impacted me in the most profound and positive way. It has changed the way I think and how I perceive things in my work environment, as well as in my life in general. It brought out a new me that I knew existed, but I needed that push and guidance to make me feel more confident. My leadership skills have improved and I can assess and handle situations better by taking important decisions within my work environment and in my personal life.”
Konstantinos Perikleous, Terra Cypria

“Two of the employees that work in my organization have independently told me that lately they have noticed changes in the way I manage the organization and build relationships with colleagues. They say, “You have started to listen more since July” and “You give much more creative space to others.” I attribute these perceived changes to the impact that the Academy has had on me and my leadership practice.”
Aleksandër Trajçe, PPNEA