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Global Leader Experiences: Home

We convene a diverse, multi-disciplinary, international group of students who go off campus to tackle a global challenge in the city in which they are studying.

Global Leader Experiences: Home (GLE: Home) is a powerful leadership programme that uses immersive and experiential learning techniques to develop inclusive leadership skills. Over four days, students are given a unique opportunity to grow their Cultural Intelligence (CQ), collaborate with diverse groups to tackle a real-world challenges, and build new networks with fellow students,  and established leaders and organizations in their city. As a result, students are better able to understand the value of different perspectives and experiences, and practice the skills required to understand and navigate complexity.

Why do universities choose GLE: Home?

  • Offer students access to a global experience in their city
  • Leverage the value of the diverse student community to innovate and create a global experience at home
  • Foster inclusivity between different and diverse student communities
  • Support international student integration into the city
Jason Lane, Executive Director, SUNY Academic & Innovative Leadership Institute

“SUNY partners with Common Purpose to provide a unique leadership experience for students to build relationships with each other and learn how to drive innovation in the New York City environment. As a result of the Global Leader Experience, our students examined their own biases, strengthened their individual leadership networks and created new relationships that have outlasted the week-long programme. The experience proved to be transformational for the student participants.” 

Learning outcomes

As a result of the programme students will have developed and be able to demonstrate the competencies required to be successful in the 21st century.


Through deepening their understanding of other cultures they will be more Empathetic

Through working with difference they will be more Agile

Through solving complex problems they will be more Influential

How it works

All Global Leader Experiences are structured around an annual grand challenge. The current challenge is:"How can we ensure our cities are resilient and inclusive?"

Students get know each other, share insights on the challenge and begin to understand the concept of CQ.

Challenge Immersions
Students are immersed beneath the surface of the city and meet visionary leaders from different sectors and organizations – whether that’s organizations like GE, Google, Arup, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross or Pfizer. This allows the students to gain a deeper understanding of the city and explore the challenge through the lens of different organizations.

Innovation & Prototyping
Students are taken through an innovation process, with senior leaders who act as mentors. They develop innovative solutions in response to the challenge which they then test on local stakeholders and sector specialists. This presents the opportunity to observe, practise and reflect on different leadership styles, different approaches to problem solving and different ways to work within diverse groups.

Presenting Solutions
Students present their ideas to a panel of experts and city leaders who are specialists within their field. They receive on-the-spot feedback on their idea, their presentation and how they have worked as a group.

Reflection and Action Planning
Students reflect on their development across the programme and complete an assessment against the leadership competency framework. They then commit to action, planning how they will put their learning and development into practice in their studies, leadership roles and futures.

Students join an alumni network of over 85,000 leaders worldwide. Our online platform provides the opportunity of life-long learning through networking and connecting with other Common Purpose Alumni through our global connect events.

Why do students want to take part?

Because they want to

  • be a global leader now – with the Cultural Intelligence needed to thrive in today’s world
  • develop leadership skills & competencies – crucial to being successful in the 21st century
  • change the world – by bringing fresh solutions to complex problems
  • develop networks – with the breadth of relationships needed now and in the future
Ferdinand Wu, Student, National University of Singapore

"The GLE has enabled me to learn beyond the classroom. It helped me apply my academic discipline to the interactions and project work. It widened my perspective on tackling societal problems in different parts of the world."

Shuo Qian, Student, Peking University

“I have renewed my mind on how to be a leader and how to live a happy life. And of course I have recognized that there is still a lot for me to improve, such as my CQ.”


One University

Number of Students




Cost per student


*Most programmes are free of charge for students. Universities may on occasion and at their discretion choose to pass on costs to their students.

*The price includes all curriculum design, project management, contributor and visit host recruitment, programme delivery and materials, Common Purpose staffing, Common Purpose staff travel and accommodation, evaluation and post-programme alumni engagement. Please note the above costs do not include tax, venues, catering, student travel or accommodation, accessibility requirements or AV equipment.

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Join a Global Leader Experience (GLE) today to develop your leadership skills and Cultural Intelligence to help influence, as well as establish a genuinely global network.

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