CQ Accelerators

Our online social-learning programme enables universities to develop students with CQ— at scale. CQ Accelerators run across four hours over two weeks, and can be delivered as a standalone offering or can be integrated into your existing learning programmes.

Programme information

During the two-week online programme, students will:
  • develop the CQ to collaborate with a diverse range of people
  • broaden horizons by engaging with a diverse network of peers from across the student body
  • understand how CQ helps leaders make better decisions
  • learn how to adapt in unfamiliar environments.
University Benefits:
  • Can be used on a large scale, starting at 500 per cohort.
  • Can support specific groups such as incoming first year students.
Riaz Shah, Global Talent Leader, EY

“Common Purpose’s core proposition around leadership and Cultural Intelligence is cutting edge, speaking to the heart of the leadership challenge in society today.”

Mustak Ayub, Student, University of Oxford

“A unique opportunity to learn about the limitless options of leadership and bring positive changes to society. I cannot think of any other way of connecting so many young people from different parts of the world to learn from each other so effectively.”

How it works

For nearly 30 years, Common Purpose has specialized in experiential learning. This experiential approach is something we have translated into the CQ Accelerator.

Exercises and games encourage students to explore their own culture and other cultures in real world settings.

Videos enable participants to consider personal, honest stories from global leaders at organizations such as Google, EY and the UN.

Then, using our CQ framework, students reflect on these experiences and begin to hold difficult—sometimes courageous—peer-conversations within a community of learners.

CQ Accelerator options

We have two different CQ Accelerators which can meet your specific needs and priorities of scale and equipping students with CQ through their peer network.

CQ Accelerator: Home

With content aimed to promote inclusive communities and understand other cultures by leveraging the diversity on campus 

CQ Accelerator: Abroad

With specific content targeted for their time abroad, students get real insights into the challenges and opportunities of going abroad, therefore preparing them for their international experience.

Riley McAuliffe, University of Melbourne, Participant, Global Leader Experience Glasgow 2014

“It has changed my perspective and priorities in ways I could have never anticipated. Cultural Intelligence, and my desire to continue to improve my own CQ, has influenced every decision I have made since the programme.”