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The CQ Accelerator is an experiential online leadership programme designed to grow the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) of your organization as a whole. CQ provides participants with a common language and framework they can use to hold difficult conversations, learn from one another, and unlock insights which already exist within the organization. Created to be delivered at scale, the programme enables organizations to become more inclusive, which leads to greater innovation and increasingly resilient teams.

The programme combines our 30 years of thought leadership with interactive exercises, gamification, exclusive personal video stories from leaders around the world and shared experiences and discussions between the participants. The CQ Accelerator can be scaled in line with your needs - running across your organization as whole or for particular functions, leadership groups or other cohorts of your choosing.


“Common Purpose’s proposition around leadership and Cultural Intelligence is cutting edge, speaking to the heart of the leadership challenge of society today.” 

How can the CQ Accelerator help my organization?

The power of CQ is that it addresses culture broadly, encompassing amongst other boundaries different geographies, generations, sectors, specialisms, backgrounds and beliefs. Organizations can benefit from the CQ Accelerator in a variety of ways, just some examples are:

  • when organizations are trying to get different cultures to work together to create one organization of many parts. This could be related to many things such as a merger, restructuring or as the organization becomes increasingly global
  • helping organizations make the leap from awareness of bias and conversations around individual biases to what those individuals can do to change their behaviour and become more inclusive
  • organizations that have encountered a real problem around differences - either internal or external. Where the cracks between cultures have become big enough that the organization is required to have a series of courageous conversations about those differences and need a framework and common language to make these possible.

Organizations with inclusive cultures are:



as likely to be high performing


more likely to be innovative and agile


more likely to achieve better business outcomes

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A unique learning pathway


Participants complete a variety of engaging activities (online and real world) to challenge their perspectives; encourage open conversations; and learn from each other’s experiences.


Participants work through a series of reflection exercises. This helps them gain a deeper understanding of their leanings and pick out the areas that are most applicable to them.


New ideas or thought processes emerge through reflection. Our learning process helps participants relate this back to your own context and role.


Our online learning method helps participants develop a set of leadership practices that can be applied in their organization to help turn new behaviours into habits.


A series of pre and post programme assessments that help participants track their progress and learning during the programme and beyond.

Who you will learn with

Julia Middleton

Innovation Officer and Founder of Common Purpose, which has grown to be one of the biggest leadership development organizations in the world. Julia is the author of the bestselling books Beyond Authority: Leadership in a Changing World and Cultural Intelligence - CQ: the Competitive Edge for Leaders Crossing Borders. Julia defines Cultural Intelligence as "the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures".


The CQ Accelerator gives participants access to the experiences and expert contributions from leaders of a diverse group of organizations such as Google, Deloitte & Touche, EY, The Holland Festival, the British Army and the United Nations.

Colleagues and peers

The CQ Accelerator has a strong base of action oriented learning in which participants are encouraged to share their experiences and learn from one another as they complete the programme together.

Individual learning outcomes

 As a result of the CQ Accelerator participants will become: 

  • more inclusive and better able to lead modern resilient teams
  • better able to uncover the cultural drivers and behaviours that influence how you and other participants operate
  • better able to embrace diversity and leverage the role it can play in innovation
  • better at making informed decisions.

“Hearing so many different stories from people from vastly different backgrounds has brought home to me the fact that we can never know someone’s story so we need to approach each new person and situation with an open mind to counteract unconscious (and conscious) bias.”

Julie-Anne Johnstone, CBS HR Business Consultant, EY

The difference it makes

92% of British Red Cross CQ Accelerator participants said they felt better equipped with the skills needed to create an inclusive culture

“This programme has helped our emerging leadership to take courageous steps to work effectively across boundaries, and has created more dialogue about inclusion across the organization.”

Norman McKinley, Executive Director of UK Operations, British Red Cross 

Working with you

CQ Accelerator considers your practical requirements. This includes:

LMS flexibility
Integrating the programme into your own Learning Management Systems (LMS) or intranet and providing you with all the content. Our training materials guide your online learning specialists to recreate the full CQ Accelerator experience on your dedicated LMS. The programme can be delivered for a minimum of 200 and upwards.

Moderation materials
Our training materials guide your moderators on how best to facilitate the CQ Accelerator.

Reporting and assessment
We compile reports based on assessment data taken after the programme. This enables you to track the impact on the cohort and benchmark it against others.

In addition, many organizations choose to supplement the CQ Accelerator with:

Face-to-face workshops
We work with you to deliver face-to-face workshops that embed the learning in your organization (run for groups of up to 50 people).

The Team Inclusivity Index (TII)
An assessment tool that teams can use to assess and increase their own inclusivity.

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