CQ Accelerator

An online programme that helps people increase their Cultural Intelligence (CQ) through an online experiential learning process with colleagues and peers.

CQ Accelerator

Riaz Shah, Partner, Global Talent, EY

“Common Purpose’s proposition around leadership and Cultural Intelligence is cutting edge, speaking to the heart of the leadership challenge of society today.” 

How does it work?

The CQ Accelerator is an online experiential programme that develops organizations to increase the CQ of employees to scale: the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures. The programme combines our CQ thought leadership with interactive exercises and personal stories from leaders around the world.

Employees share experience and expertise, as they learn from each other. CQ provides a common language teams and organizations can use to hold difficult conversations; as a result, inclusivity increases, leading to increased resilience and innovation. The programme can be delivered at scale for a minimum of 100 and upwards.

A common language

CQ provides learners with a common language to hold difficult conversations about culture.

Engaging content

experiential activities recreate real-world scenarios. Across the programme, we use gamification techniques that result in engaging learning experiences.

Space to reflect

The programme contains numerous opportunities for reflection, ranging from open discussions to personal exercises. This enables learners to digest their learning.

Applied learning

CQ work practices help learners to experiment with the ways in which they operate, so they can turn new thinking into habitual behaviours and actions. This is backed up with a dedicated online assessment to assess learning outcomes.

Learning outcomes:

As a result of this online programme you will develop the skills to: 

  • make more informed decisions
  • leverage diversity to bring about innovation and build your teams resilience
  • become more inclusive leaders, with the skills and the understanding to inspire different people in uncertain, complex environments.

Common Purpose has delivered online programmes for organizations including:

  • British Red Cross
  • EY
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • University of Hong Kong
  • Westpac


of participants that took part in the British Red Cross online programme said they felt better equipped with the skills to create an inclusive culture

Norman McKinley, Executive Director of UK Operations, British Red Cross

“This programme has helped our emerging leadership to take courageous steps to work effectively across boundaries, and has created more dialogue about inclusion across the organization.”

Working with you

Working with you
  • (Option one) We will license you with the course content and structure. The programme is designed so it can be easily hosted on your own Learning Management System (LMS) or intranet.
  • (Option two) If you do not have your own LMS we can host it for you with the limitation of a maximum of 8000 user per annum split in quarterly cohorts of 2000 at a time.
  • Set up materials: Our training materials guide your online learning specialists to recreate the full CQ online experience on your dedicated LMS
  • Reporting and assessment: We compile reports based on assessment data taken after the programme. This enables you to track the impact on the cohort and benchmark it against others.
In addition, many organizations choose to supplement the CQ Accelerator with:
  • Face-to-face workshops on Cultural Intelligence which help to embed the learning in the organization (run for groups of up to 50 people)
  • The Team Inclusivity Index (TII) - an assessment tool that teams can use to assess and increase their own inclusivity. 

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