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Conversations with Purpose

Our initiative to get the world talking 

We believe that, if we are going to heal some of the divisions that have formed in the world today, we need to get better at having 'conversations with purpose'. Our new initiative supports leaders and organizations to have more effective, purpose-driven conversations about real, complex issues that affect us all.

Read our research, which draws on the insights of leaders around the world, and discover our new learning model that better prepares leaders and organizations to start and sustain conversations with purpose.

The Big Spark Cast

The podcast where we have conversations with purpose

In a world full of barriers, we need to be talking more about conversations bigger than ourselves. Join Adi Sengupta and the Common Purpose team in The Big Spark Cast as we talk to people from across the globe around what matters most. We bring you the big conversations. Conversations that spark our curiosity and that can give new perspectives. The conversations needed in the world today.

Javed Khan, CEO of Barnardo's

Javed Khan, CEO of Barnardo's shares his own leadership journey – including how he solves complex problems as a leader in a role with great responsibility, and the importance of capturing evidence in order to create change.