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The Inclusive Cultures Accelerator is a self-guided (digital) learning experience designed to grow the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) of your organization. CQ is the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures. CQ itself provides participants with a common language and framework they can use to hold difficult conversations, learn from one another, and unlock insights which already exist within the organization. Are you ready to ignite the collective power of your organization and grow the foundations needed for its future success?

Who we work with


Who is it for?

Organizations who are looking to develop more inclusive cultures, which leads to greater innovation and increasingly resilient teams. Examples include:

  • When organizations are trying to get different cultures to work together to create one organization of many parts. This could be related to many things such as a merger, restructuring or as the organization becomes increasingly global
  • Helping organizations make the leap from awareness of bias and conversations around individual biases to what those individuals can do to change their behaviour and become more inclusive
  • Organizations that have encountered a real problem around differences, either internal or external
  • Where the cracks between cultures have become big enough that the organization is required to have a series of purpose-driven conversations about those differences and need a framework and common language to make these possible

Norman McKinley
Executive Director of UK Operations, British Red Cross
"This programme has helped our emerging leadership to take courageous steps to work effectively across boundaries and has created more dialogue about inclusion across the organization."

Organizations with inclusive cultures are:


as likely to be high performing


more likely to be innovative and agile


more likely to achieve better business outcomes

Source: Deloitte Insights (2018)

The programme experience

The course combines our 30 years of thought leadership with:

Active transformational learning

Highly interactive, hands-on format, experiential, social learning offering an opportunity to practice new behaviours and learn by doing.

Real world

Rooted in real and live issues. Explored in video format through the eyes of inspirational leaders who share how leadership works in their world, with honesty, vulnerability, and generosity.

Skills, mindsets & knowledge

We explore the three conditions needed to thrive in an ever-changing world, from attitudes, perspectives, skills, approaches to action on creating inclusive cultures

Practical tools and tactics

Real takeaways that you can continue to practice and apply in your everyday work

Because of this approach the Inclusive Cultures Accelerator consistently demonstrates:


average engagement rate versus other leading on demand courses


average completion rate versus other leading on demand courses

How it works

The programme themes

Introduction to Cultural intelligence 

Learn its evolution and relevance, and why it is integral to modern leadership. It also looks at the opportunities and challenges that Cultural Intelligence, or lack if it, poses for people in the world of work.

Individual identity and our unique lived experiences - the Core and Flex model

Consider what is multi-faceted culture, how it anchors people and what might we consciously choose to adapt/flex in our approach or behaviour to adapt and thrive.

Finding your Core 

Explore ways in which you can better know what drives and motivates your behaviours and actions and learn how Core and Flex helps to build trusting relationships at work.

Moving the needle - adapting our approach 

Consider how you work better with people who are different to you, people with different individual drivers, and the role context places in our personal interactions with others.

Testing your approach 

Explore what it takes to keep your Core and Flex under constant review so that you avoid mistakes an find new ways to build trust with other people. 

Knowing and owning your biases 

Explore conscious and unconscious bias, what ones you may hold, and uncover how they can create blind spots in how people make decisions.

Working through differences in perspective 

Explore how people work through clashes and conflict at individual, team and organizational levels more effectively and unpicking how can people create sparks of creativity and innovation from diversity.

The barriers to building inclusive cultures 

Consider the barriers faced by, and put up, by people when trying to build inclusive cultures. Explore how can people continue to build their Cultural Intelligence and overcome the obstacles that will come in the way of developing a more inclusive approach to leadership.

Standing up to intolerance 

Explore what it takes to stand up and be accounted for when cultural intolerance presents itself at work and in the world, as well as the role people can more proactively play in creating more cohesive workplaces and societies. 


Our impact


feel better equipped to work with people who are different to them


feel better equipped to challenge their beliefs more actively


feel better equipped to ask questions to uncover what makes people different

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Allison Alt
CEO, Business for Good LLC
"I feel I have more tools to use to facilitate and create spaces for diverse and difficult conversations, as well as a greater understanding of what actions I can take to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. "
Shuvo Saha
Former Director EMEA Customer Programmes, Google
"Like everything else they do, Common Purpose’s approach to online learning is unique – their online programmes unlock the energy, insight and transformation that only ever comes when leaders from completely different worlds connect on such a deep level. "

The take aways

The programme will give you:

  • Techniques to work more effectively with difference
  • Tactics for building trusting relationships 
  • A variety of active listening techniques
  • Processes for effective questioning and deep curiosity  
  • Methods to facilitate better conversations

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