Case Studies

Hong Kong Police

Creating broader horizons for senior leaders

Over the years, The Hong Kong Police College has consistently sent its high ranking officers to participate in Common Purpose global programmes for senior leaders. The aim is that, after this programme, they will be even more open minded and persuasive while handling counterparts from different backgrounds.

“At Hong Kong Police, we do problem solving every day within our own context. We try to broaden our horizons but our work environment is primarily limited to our own city. It is therefore not easy to expand people’s mindsets to look at problems around the world, or even listen to what other people are facing.

“What sets the programme apart is the environment and context that Common Purpose creates – an environment in which diverse people come together to examine a common question that is so pressing in today’s world. Rarely in my experience have we attended a programme that brings that level of diversity – that of culture, sector, background and countries in the room.

“They certainly become better leaders after participating in the programme – it is an eye-opening experience for them. We may not immediately see or realize all the benefits of the programme in the individual, but the impact is far reaching. Every now and then, we can relate back to our experience and that helps us to make better decisions, be more open-minded and navigate uncertainties much better.”
Edwina Lau, Director, Hong Kong Police College