Case Studies

Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM) India

Creating sustainable social value in India

At Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM), social contribution activities are a vital part of their business DNA. The company has always believed that their growth is tied to the development of society. Since 2001, TKM has focused on the holistic development of the community – working towards improving the status of education, health and hygiene, road safety and upskilling. The company has influenced over 1 400 000 lives to date.


Developing leaders who can cross boundaries of sector

As a result of this holistic approach to development, TKM’s leadership and strategy team works with different sectors, from government institutions to not-for-profit organizations, to implement their social contribution activities. Therefore, it is crucial that senior leaders are able to thrive in multiple cultures and cross boundaries between sectors.

Since 2008, TKM has been sending their senior leaders to attend Common Purpose programmes to broaden their horizons, develop Cultural Intelligence and build long-lasting relationships across the region. These skills allow them to work fluidly and flexibly across sectors.


“Through the programme, I engaged with many leaders from not-for-profit, government and corporate sectors. I was able to experience the challenges that each sector faces by visiting the different institutions. This led to better understanding and gave me new perspectives. The experience shifted my thinking on how the company can have a larger impact in society.”
SP MOHAPATRA, Senior Manager


“I keep sending my staff to participate because the programme gives them a deeper understanding of the different perspectives from other sectors. This understanding results in being able to empathize better with the other person.”
NAVEEN SONI, Senior Vice President Sales & Service


“TKM has a long association with Common Purpose since their inception in India. Their leadership programmes are unique and develops leaders to think beyond their domain to address complex and dynamic societal issues. Over the past ten years, TKM employees have immensely benefited from participating in the programmes.”


The experience shifted my thinking on how the company can have a larger impact in society


At its core, the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility is to enhance community development activities and contribute to the progress of the region. TKM has partnered with not-for-profit organizations through the Common Purpose network for some of their community engagement activities.

One of these was a partnership with The Association of People with Disability (APD), a not-for-profit organization in Bangalore that works extensively to reach and rehabilitate people with disability. APD needed a vehicle to help ferry the PWD stakeholders. Through the Common Purpose programme, the two organizations were connected and TKM offered to sponsor a bus for the organization.


“The donation of the bus from Toyota will be a great help for APD. It will help us bring more children to school thereby changing lives of many children with disabilities. As you know bringing children with disabilities out of their homes is the first step to education. Thank you Common Purpose and thank you Toyota for being part of our effort to change the lives of children with disabilities.”
USHA RANI, Assistant Director – Education The Association of People with Disability (APD)


Capacity building for not-for-profit leaders

In 2020, Common Purpose and TKM, together with KPMG, are partnering once more to build leadership capacity for not-for-profit leaders in India. Social Academy of Learning by Toyota (SALT) aims to help not-forprofit organizations to shift from philanthropy to an impact-based approach. It will also help to strengthen the relation between government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.


“We are very excited to partner with Common Purpose to launch SALT. Common Purpose has years of experience in developing the notfor-profit sector. When combined Toyota’s quality orientation, we are confident that this natural partnership will be successful.”
SP MOHAPATRA, Senior Manager Vice Chairman’s Office


The Academy has had over 560 not-for-profit organizations expressing their interest and over 100 leaders applying. Thirty senior leaders participated in the first  programme in February 2020.

Toyota Kirloskar Motors continues its work towards creating a vibrant world through socially responsible and sustainable approaches of giving back to the community. As it grows, the company needs more leaders that are better able to cross boundaries. This enables them solve complex problems within the organization as well as in society.