Case Studies

Common Purpose and GE

Common Purpose launched the ASEAN Leaders Programme in 2016 with the support of GE.

This helped GE to develop the leadership skills of four GE staff members who participated, as well as create wider social impact for the places in which they operate. Their participants said:

  • their ability to adjust their behaviour in culturally diverse situations improved
  • they were better able to navigate complex situations involving multiple stakeholders
  • their ability to lead or operate a diverse team improved.


“As global citizens we recognize the need for strong leadership to tackle the challenges of an ever-changing, complex and boundary-less world. At GE we believe that the individual excellence of people, and the collective progress that they will generate across all sectors and communities, will pave the way to success. That’s why we have partnered with Common Purpose to support the ASEAN Leaders Programme... as it enables us to invest in the development of local leaders that will be able to make a difference in the cities and the communities where we are active in the ASEAN.”
Wouter van Wersch,

President & CEO, GE ASEAN