Case Studies

Rosalyn Springer

"It planted the seed that later gave me the confidence to make a move into a new sector, housing, without fear."

Name: Rosalyn Springer

Position: Social and Economic Regeneration Officer

Company: Notting Hill Housing

Industry: Social Housing

Programme and year attended: 2010, International Navigator

Hometown (City, Country): London, UK

My Aha moment, Rosalyn Springer

"My Aha moment was recognizing that when I was on the programme nine years ago, I wasn't ready or skilled enough to utilize the networking opportunities it offered. Now, a couple of sector changes later, networking has become an essential part of my professional development plan and I seek out opportunities to meet people in my area of work and beyond; but more than that, take efforts to maintain and sustain those connections. I'm not perfect at it, but a hell of a lot better at utilizing my people skills in this way than I was nine years ago and it is benefiting me and enriching my learning. Common Purpose introduced me to professional networking."

  1. What are you most passionate about?
    I’m most passionate about empowering people to create positive change in their lives. This takes a few different forms, it’s about promoting inclusion, equality and diversity so that people can work and live in the ways that bring most reward and value to their lives. That’s in the workplace, in school, everywhere where people reside. It’s also about working collaboratively to understand people’s needs and developing ways for them to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence. Essentially social justice and levelling the playing field is important to me. I moved into housing to make a difference in communities, and every day I am better developing my skills to be able to do this. 

  2. Who did you meet on or through the programme that had a significant impact on you?
    For me at the time it wasn’t a particular person. It was the exposure it provided to different sectors, people who worked in fields different to my own and through that the differing and interesting perspectives they brought to our tasks. I enjoyed the visits to business to work on live business challenges in a safe and structured environment, allowing me to dip my toe into applying transferable skills in different settings. It instilled in me the importance of networking, although admittedly it has taken me some years to truly understand this and indeed I am still working on it now. It’s all a learning process! Essentially, collaborating and networking with different people improves that ability to lead beyond your authority as it expands your horizons and enriches learning. That’s priceless and I was first exposed to that through Common Purpose. It planted the seed that later gave me the confidence to make a move into a new sector, housing, without fear.

  3. Why did you choose to attend a Common Purpose programme?
    It was suggested I attend the programme by my then manager Misha Bhatt who was, I believe, an alumnus of the programme. She was very much about nurturing her staff and helping them to develop. As I learn best through practical engagement, it looked like the kind of programme that I might benefit from at that stage of my career.