Head of Entrepreneurship, RBS.

Gordon Merrylees

Gordon Merrylees is Head of Entrepreneurship for RBS, NatWest & Ulster Bank, dedicated to supporting, nurturing and growing entrepreneurial talent with a grassroots approach, by sharing RBS’s regional ecosystems of key stakeholder relationships and partnerships. He acts as counsel and advisor to RBS’s future Strategic SME initiatives to support UK entrepreneurs, as well as personally mentoring many small business customers.

In 2014 Gordon, launched RBS, NatWest & Ulster Bank’s strategic partnership with Entrepreneurial Spark, to create the world’s largest free business accelerator programme for start up, early stage and high growth businesses, supporting around 7,000 entrepreneurs over the next 5 years.

Gordon is the current Chair of The Committee of Scottish Clearing Banks, Director of the Scottish EDGE Fund, and a board member for Informatic Ventures and Cash for Kids, West of Scotland Appeal.