Director, Common Purpose Global Customized

Tom Brind

Tom works closely with our global clients to design and deliver bespoke programs which meet their specific leadership objectives. He has 14 years’ experience in the learning and education sector in the UK and internationally in Canada, Spain, China, South America and the Middle East.

After graduating from the University of Manchester, Tom worked for the UK National Health Service on culture and behaviour change projects to improve patient safety. He then taught in Europe and also in South America, where he facilitated community engagement projects. On his return to the UK, Tom completed his MSc at the University of Birmingham, specialising in education as a tool for poverty reduction. He went on to do policy research on the education experiences of marginalised young people for the Overseas Development Institute.

Tom joined Common Purpose in 2008 and has played a leading role in UK and international initiatives. His work has included our Ventures Programs, such as Itijah in Jordan and Dao Xiang in Shanghai, which convene leaders from different parts of the world to innovate on challenges such as water scarcity, integrated healthcare and cross-sector collaboration.

Tom is passionate about the power of experiential learning to transform people’s thinking and the importance of bringing together leaders across cultural, sectoral and organisational boundaries.