Common Purpose is 30

Common Purpose is 30 this year  we're celebrating with our Alumni


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This year, we're collecting and celebrating the Aha Moments of alumni, contributors and staff from over the past three decades. This can be a favourite memory from a programme day, a realization long after the programme, an event that had a significant impact on you, or a conversation that changed your perspective! Share your Common Purpose Aha Moments with us on social media with the hashtag #AhaMoments or submit them above.

You can also relive your Aha Moments and grow your local networks at alumni events in your city and help create Aha Moments for our current participants by contributing on our programmes

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Gerard Shanahan, Director, Global Entities & Experiences, RMIT University

"As part of the 2017 ASEAN Leaders Program I discovered a little of the rich, complex, diverse and exciting city of Pune in India! To be in a place so different to home with a wonderful group of colleagues and exposed to everyone from city leaders to the children of the slums was a truly enriching and enlivening experience, and one which has never left me."

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Our Common Purpose Alumni community has recently moved to LinkedIn. It is an online space where you can continue your learning and development and connect with other Common Purpose Alumni. Some will be very senior, experienced leaders across the public, private and NGO sectors, others will be emerging leaders and some will be just finishing university. This breadth and depth makes the network unique. Click here to email our alumni team – request to join the group by telling us which programme you were on and when.



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