Connecting African Leadership

Meet the challenges and demands of the continent

Key information

Who's it for?

High-potential leaders / middle managers


Asynchronous: 8 hours (16%)
Synchronous: 10 hours (21%)
In-person: 30 hours (63%)




Experiential and blended


10 June 2024 onward

Disruptive forces continue to put pressure on systems, infrastructure and human capital across Africa. The pace of change is unrelenting. Yet the opportunity is huge with the right leadership; it can help reimagine economic resilience, build hubs of innovation and creativity and be a driver of genuine social change.

The Africa Venture is a unique and exclusive programme designed to enable the transfer of knowledge, know-how and inspiration across the generations in Africa, creating a new wave of leadership, one that can work fluidly and flexibly across the continent.

Are you ready to cross boundaries and thrive across multiple cultures, find innovative solutions to complex problems, build networks, and tap into the immense potential of the African continent?

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Who we work with


Who is it for?

High-potential leaders who need to:

  • Influence multiple stakeholders internally and externally
  • Lead diverse and inclusive teams and job functions
  • Widen their perspectives and networks
  • Gain a better understanding of the African continent
  • Lead effectively through challenging times

Malebo Ralehlaka
Manager: Corporate Communications, The National School of Government, South Africa
"The programme is so enlightening that I think it should be brought or introduced to all government departments in South Africa. I would recommend this programme any day to anyone who is looking at mastering and getting their leadership skills on point."

The programme experience

What you can expect on your programme

Active transformational learning

Highly interactive, hands-on format, experiential, social learning offering an opportunity to practice new behaviours and learn by doing.

Real world

Rooted in real and live issues impacting the African region. Explored through the eyes of inspirational leaders who share how leadership works in their world.

Powerful networks

Access to ongoing support from a diverse peer group and where you can work together on personal leadership challenges that matter to you.

World class facilitators

Our facilitators co-design an experiential journey and psychologically safe space for learning in partnership with you, creating the conditions for rich feedback, open sharing, and experimentation

Skills, mindsets & knowledge

We explore the three conditions needed to thrive in an ever-changing world, from attitudes and perspectives, to taking an actionable approach

Practical tools and tactics

Real takeaways that you can continue to practice and apply in your everyday work

How it works

The programme themes

Exploring regional challenges

Dive into the key challenges and opportunities in the region as you explore their interconnectedness and the possibilities for collaboration.

How to navigate and work with difference

Introduction to Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Consider what is Cultural Intelligence, and why it matters to modern leadership.

Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Consider what is your multi-faceted culture, how it anchors people and what might we consciously choose to adapt/flex in our approach or behaviour to adapt and thrive.

How to influence outside of your remit

Thriving in uncertainty

Explore how to lead teams through an ever-changing world of risk and uncertainty, and how we support team members to cope, adapt and thrive in times of big and small change.

Solving complex problems

Consider various innovative approaches to effective regional and organizational problem solving.


are better prepared to influence beyond their circle of authority


are better prepared to create conditions required for innovation


are better prepared to have a greater impact in their organization and/or wider community

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Noreen Chenesai Mukora
Founder / CEO, Chenesai
"Cultural Intelligence is an experience, not a taught concept. Africa Venture provides that experience and a platform to build a global leader who will lead beyond authority."
Florentin Byenda Sanvura
Administrative and Financial Manager, Africa Reconciled
"This program is very innovative, practical and accessible. Every African should follow it to be able to bring the positive change we aspire to. Finally, I am very grateful to Common Purpose for their wonderful work and the energy that they are communicating to Africans."
Regina Wanjala
Compensation and Benefits Specialist, DIB Bank Kenya Limited
"Anyone considering engaging with other young Africans across the continent, this program is for you. It will challenge you, it will stretch you and it will require you to bring your authentic self into the sessions and be present as much as one can to fully benefit from the program."

Africa Venture

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Learning outcomes

Get ready to become


So that you can better cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures

So that you can better lead in situations where you have no formal authority

So that you can better drive innovation through the leveraging of diversity, new experiences and different perspectives across the continent.

The takeaways

Here is an example of some of the toolkit of resources you will receive to help you lead now and into the future

  • Techniques to work more effectively with difference
  • Tactics for building trusting relationships
  • A variety of active listening techniques
  • Processes for effective questioning and deep curiosity
  • Methods to facilitate better conversations

How it works

Start your journey

Are you ready to take that next jump in your career? Take that next step to unlock your power and potential as a leader in Africa. Step more confidently into the next phase of your leadership journey with us.

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Curious to know more?

  • Learn about the programme
  • Explore the learning journey and modules
  • Hear what our alumni have to say


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Applications now open

Programme details:

Online learning – 10 June to 9 September
Interactive real-time sessions – 5 sessions between 13 June and 29 August
In-person – 10 to 12 September

Programme Fees:

The fee for 2024 is $4,200.

The fee includes all tuition costs (online and in person), programme materials and accommodation and meals during the in-person module. The fee excludes travel (flights and airport transfers) to the in-person module.

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Important information

We run a limited bursary scheme for remarkable African leaders with a proven track record of social change. Reach out to your local team to find out more.

We are also committed to and accountable for advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in all its forms. 

We actively encourage applications from people of all faiths, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, economic circumstances, backgrounds, and those from disabled communities.  

If you require adjustments to take part in the application process or to participate in the programme due to a disability, neurodiversity, caring responsibilities, or any other reason, you will be able to provide details in the application form or contact us by phone or email to discuss further.  

Frequently asked questions

We run a limited bursary scheme for remarkable leaders across the African region, with a proven track record of social change. Reach out to your local team to find out more. 

We are also committed to and accountable for advancing equity, diversity & inclusion in all its forms.  

We actively encourage applications from people of all faiths, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, economic circumstances, and backgrounds, as well as those from disabled communities.  

If you require adjustments to take part in the application process or to participate in the programme due to a disability, neurodiversity, caring responsibilities, or any other reason, you will be able to provide details in the application form or contact us by phone or email to discuss further.  

The challenges and contexts of every organization are different so we believe that leadership programmes should be carefully crafted to what a leader is currently facing, but at the same time preparing them for what comes next.   

  • For senior global leaders we recommend our blended Global Leaders Programme
  • For high potential middle/senior managers our Africa Venture
  • Lastly are you interested in making a difference in the climate emergency? If so, take a look at our Sky Blue programme for senior or high-potential leaders

After your application form is submitted you will be contacted by a member of our local team to discuss your application and any further details needed.  

Common Purpose offers participants two alternative methods of payment options so we can cater to all needs.

  • By invoice: This can be issued directly to yourself or your organization.
  • By credit card: Please contact a member of our local team who would be happy to facilitate this payment.

Yes, if you have any further questions or would just like to discuss the programme in more detail, please reach out to a member of our team in your specific location who would be delighted to help.

Get in touch

We are a global not-for-profit leadership development organization on a mission to develop people who can cross cultural, social, and institutional boundaries. We work passionately with people to help push the boundaries of what is possible, all so that they can become those who can help us to work better together, be the connectors of our unique lived experiences and lead, with a difference.

Yes! The Common Purpose Charitable Trust was established as a charity in 1989. It is registered with the Charity Commission under the Registered Charity number 1023384.

The benefits of Common Purpose leadership programmes include gaining increased:  

  • Agility in adapting to changing circumstances and environments.  

  • Empathy to what other people feel, think and need. Seeing things from their point of view.

  • Influence in leading change with limited decision-making power.  

  • Openness to new ideas, possibilities and perspectives, including views they might deeply disagree with.    

  • Purposefulness in leading with intentionality, determination, commitment and resilience.

  • Self-awareness to their behaviours and outlook, and how they interpret and respond to situations.

When it comes to learning, there is no substitute for the power of real experience and fresh perspective. Our approach uses a robust behaviour and mindset change philosophy rooted in real life leadership challenges and experiences. To turn those experiences into real learning we follow five tried and tested steps that lead to habitual change in how people think, feel and act.    

  1. Experience: Being presented with new experiences. Engaging with leaders across multiple boundaries and being immersed in new environments.   

  1. Reflection: Learning activities to gain a deeper and more personalized understanding of the learning.    

  1. Translate: Exploring how to relate new ideas and thought processes back into the learner’s role or context.

  1. Practice: Developing a set of leadership practices that can be used to turn new behaviours into habits.

  1. Assess: Embedding numerous assessments to help learners track their progress pre, during and even beyond the programme.

Experiential learning is a core component of our programmes.

Our programmes create a carefully constructed microclimate to explore real-life leadership challenges in a safe environment, often leading to the types of purpose-driven conversations needed to achieve transformative change.

We also focus on the importance of active learning, by getting people out of their comfort zones and into the world, seeing things, meeting people, taking part, and taking advantage of processes that stimulate multiple neural connections in the brain and promote memory.

We are Common Purpose

A global not-for-profit devoted to good leadership

  • We deliver unforgettable and transformative learning experiences
  • Programmes for people at all levels of their careers
  • Gain the confidence, skills and mindset to be a purposeful change agent, with a difference

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