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Courageous Conversations

At Common Purpose, we’re passionate about the power of conversations. We think that open, frank and courageous conversations are integral to leaders successfully crossing boundaries and leading change.

However, in many ways, we've noticed that the world is becoming more polarized – more fragmented – on virtually every issue that matters. Underneath the apparent differences lies the potential for common ground – but only if we frame and conduct conversations in the right way. This requires technique, Cultural Intelligence and most of all – courage.

That’s why we are launching a co-creation process with our global alumni to identify ways to support people to have better, more courageous conversations. 

As part of this process, we have created a survey tool to better understand the emotional, physical and social barriers that contribute to people avoiding some conversations (something we’re calling ‘no-go conversations’). We’d love for our alumni to get involved with this project by taking part in our quick survey here. Please note, all responses to the survey are anonymous.

Alumni webinar series

Throughout this year, we are running a special series of global webinars for alumni. These webinars will delve deeper into the subject of Courageous Conversations.

More details will be available here soon.

Alumni features

In 2019, we celebrated our 30th anniversary, collecting and sharing the Aha Moments of alumni, contributors and staff from over the past three decades. These could be a favourite memory from a programme day, a realization long after the programme, an event that had a significant impact on them, or a conversation that changed their perspective. Click here to see our 30th Anniversary alumni features!

Gerard Shanahan, Director, Global Entities & Experiences, RMIT University

"As part of the 2017 ASEAN Leaders Programme I discovered a little of the rich, complex, diverse and exciting city of Pune in India! To be in a place so different to home with a wonderful group of colleagues and exposed to everyone from city leaders to the children of the slums was a truly enriching and enlivening experience, and one which has never left me."

Contribute to a programme

Have you contributed on a programme since you completed yours?

Whether you give your time as a speaker, panellist, or visit host (in person or virtually!), the benefits are considerable. It's a chance to recapture the atmosphere and excitement of Common Purpose, continue your leadership learning, expand your network, gain invaluable consultancy and showcase your work or organization.

If you’d like to contribute to our programmes, please sign up here, and we’ll be in touch when there’s a fit.

Our unique network

Our Common Purpose Alumni community has recently moved to LinkedIn. It is an online space where you can continue your learning and development and connect with other Common Purpose Alumni. Some will be very senior, experienced leaders across the public, private and NGO sectors, others will be emerging leaders and some will be just finishing university. This breadth and depth makes the network unique. Click here to email our alumni team – request to join the group by telling us which programme you were on and when.



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