Programmes in Ireland

Common Purpose delivers a range of experiential leadership programmes for individuals and organizations across Ireland.

The Common Purpose Programme

In these uniquely challenging times, the demand for effective leadership – in our organizations and in society – has never been greater. We face problems that are complex and interconnected – problems that can only be solved by leaders who see the bigger picture and adapt to an ever-changing context.

That's why, at Common Purpose, we have distilled 30 years of our unique leadership development experience into these two powerful blended programmes (50% in-person) for senior and emerging leaders. We believe that now, more than ever, we need to support and develop leaders who can cross boundaries, solve complex problems and produce change.

The Common Purpose Programme for emerging leaders

For emerging leaders who want, or need, to

  • take on increased responsibility within their role
  • adapt quickly to ambiguous and changing situations
  • lead people and teams through challenging times
  • tackle complex problems involving diverse stakeholders or
  • discover how they can create a wider impact

12 October 2022 (UK, USA, ASEAN)
2 November 2022 (Ireland)
26 April 2023

Open to participants in the ASEAN, India, Ireland, the USA and the UK.

The Common Purpose Programme for senior leaders

For senior leaders who want, or need, to

  • re-contextualize their leadership within the wider system
  • collaborate with increasingly diverse stakeholders
  • adapt quickly to a changing landscape
  • lead diverse teams and workforces through difficult situations
  • create positive, lasting change in their organization or in society

21 September 2022 (UK)
5 October 2022 (South Africa)
6 October 2022 (Ireland)
20 October 2022 (Hong Kong)
8 March 2023

Open to participants in Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa and the UK.

Legacy Programme for Young People

Dublin22 convenes a diverse group of leaders, aged 18-25, from across Dublin to address the question: "How can we make this a city for all?" Because after all, you are the generation who will shape Dublin when it reaches 2047.

Customized programmes

Our customized leadership programmes address a wide range of leadership needs within an organization – from organizational development, to talent, to diversity and inclusion.