The Global Leaders Programme

For many, January is a time when we reflect on the past – so we can break with it.

We look back. We look forward. We imagine how we can be better. Different. Right now, leaders must do the same.

January is an experiential, global leadership programme that gives senior leaders – from business, governments and social sectors – the opportunity to make a major transition in their leadership. They gain the skills, networks and mindset to face a rapidly changing world, head on. 

Shuvo Saha, Founder, Google Digital Academy

"In a global landscape characterized by constant disruption, leaders today need new approaches to leadership. January, and its proposition around Agile Creativity, is a unique opportunity for any leader who wants to thrive at a global level."

Why January?

January is for senior, experienced leaders who are in – or are about to make – a significant transition in their leadership, or need to operate more effectively and strategically at a global level.

In a world that is increasingly uncertain and ambiguous, January convenes participants around big courageous conversations on the most pressing global problems, such as sustainability, inequality and health and wellbeing – whilst also giving them the skills and networks that modern leadership demands.

The January approach

January leaders will gain an in-depth understanding of the tools, skills and mind-set they will need to successfully navigate leadership transitions. They will become more effective:

Donut Chart

Cross-boundary leaders

with increased self-awareness and sense of purpose

Problem solvers

who can better adapt and innovate at speed

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Agenda setters

who can better influence those around them

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Hyper-global connectors

who can leverage a kaleidoscope of cultures, experiences and perspectives

These outcomes are delivered using a unique experiential learning experience, stemming from our 30+ years working with global leaders, focused on:

  • Agile Creativity (AC): how to take risks, experiment and learn fast

  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ): how to navigate and work with difference

  • Broadened horizons: Exposure to new ideas and approaches, inspiring leaders to have a bigger impact in their work and society

The programme

January is a six-month modular programme, a blend of stimulating online content, short dynamic synchronous sessions and a four-day in-person deep dive into a global wicked problem. It combines our powerful experiential approach, unique thought leadership and an unmatched breadth of diverse perspectives and insights from organizations and communities across the globe.

THREE HOURS online content on our bespoke platform

Opening on January 25, to be completed on participants’ own time

Dynamic online content on our bespoke platform, which introduces participants to the programme’s core leadership concepts.

SIX real-time sessions

Starting on February 22

Highly interactive short, real-time virtual sessions focused on core leadership themes with a hyper-global group.

FOUR days in-person experiential Deep Dive

   19-22 June, 2023, Mumbai (India)

A deep dive into wicked problems, where participants meet real leaders from diverse sectors and organizations to get under the skin of these challenges. In doing so, participants further develop their own agile creativity and ability to address big messy problems in their own worlds.

The wicked problem we are exploring this year is, “What will it take to shape the workforce of the future?”

Apply before February 20 to join Cohort 1, and before May 15 to join Cohort 2.

For key programme dates of Cohort 1 (January to July), click here.

For key programme dates of Cohort 2 (June to January), click here.

Find out more

Find out more about January by downloading the brochure.

ARI SENGUPTA, Chief Strategy Officer and COO, Quantum Life Sciences, United Kingdom

“The exposure to global experts and learning from my peer group – leaders who in their various sectors, geographies, communities all thrive with a purpose – was the most amazing experience, which I will cherish! For many programmes across the world, this is not a normal offering. I now see my own issues in a different light, and can ask questions that de-fog my mind.”

Find out more

To know more about January, including further information on the price, impact and programme experience, please download the brochure.

You can also contact us.

Selection criteria

Each individual’s application needs to evidence that they:

  • are in – or are about to make – a significant transition in their leadership, or need to operate more effectively at a global level (For example, they may be a local leader who needs a global network to help make change happen, or a specialist who has or is taking on a much broader role, or they may be leading their team, organization or community through a period of change)
  • operate at a senior, strategic level in their organization and/or society and hold significant power or influence in their current role
  • are excited about the opportunity that January provides