Common Purpose Ireland

Common Purpose Ireland is a not-for-profit organization that develops leaders who can cross boundaries. This enables them to solve complex problems both in organizations and in cities. 

We deliver a range of leadership programmes for individuals, organizations and universities in Ireland. 

The Common Purpose Programme

Powerful, interactive online learning for leaders who want to cross boundaries

In these uniquely challenging times, the demand for effective leadership – in our organizations and in society – has never been greater. We face problems that are complex and interconnected – problems that can only be solved by leaders who see the bigger picture and adapt to an ever-changing context.

That’s why, at Common Purpose, we have distilled our 30 years of our unique leadership development experience into these two powerful online programmes for senior and emerging leaders. We believe that now, more than ever, we need to support and develop leaders who can cross boundaries, solve complex problems and produce change.

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Our approach to leadership development uses a robust methodology which creates lasting impact.

Common Purpose delivers leadership programmes in 100 cities around the world. Learn more about the impact our programmes have on individuals, organizations and society.

The Impact of Common Purpose Ireland

Alumni of Common Purpose Ireland programmes discuss the experience and benefits of participating in a Common Purpose leadership programme.

Hear from our alumni

“The big thing was the challenge to look at the city as a whole made up of all these complex parts and that really has affected my thinking and in fact my life direction in a big way since then. Before Common Purpose I would have thought in terms of my sector, what I was involved in, how that worked… Now when I sit down with someone from a different sector, my idea is how can we find a way of collaborating that’s mutually beneficial, that ultimately benefits the city.”

Sean Mullan, Founder and Director, Third Space Cafés

“Before my Common Purpose Meridian Programme, I was facing a real challenge with finding a way to hear and action the calling to make a bigger impact on the world. The Meridian Programme really helped with this – it was a place I could connect with a hugely diverse group of people and be inspired. I was able to gain insights from different types of leaders and peers into how to implement change in organizations but also in one’s own life and to find purpose. I always felt that my time in the programme was one of tilling the land and planting seeds. And I had utter faith that those seeds would germinate and grow.”

Jannetje van Leeuwen, Director, iQ Branding Solutions

"I found the course to be so interesting and extremely insightful. I learnt a lot about myself, and I took great solace in hearing people from different professional standings and backgrounds articulate extremely similar worries, likes, dislikes and opinions to my own."

Marianne Lambert, Operations Executive (Ireland & UK), Grosvenor Services Group