An annual global leadership programme which assembles exceptional senior leaders selected from government, businesses and NGOs across the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

Now in its seventh year, CSCLeaders continues to assemble exceptional, senior leaders from across the Commonwealth to tackle challenges, build the global relationships and develop the Cultural Intelligence needed by the leaders of tomorrow.

CSCLeaders blends online learning with face-to-face experiences in two Commonwealth cities. Online modules allow participants to maximise their face-to-face experience. They combine new methods of content delivery with interactive learning. We use visual media, articles and leadership exercises to facilitate structured reflection and group engagement.

Upcoming dates:

CSCLeaders London and Manchester: 12-17 May 2019

CSCLeaders Delhi: 24-27 September 2019

HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, President, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences

"What I have witnessed has been transformational as the individuals overcome assumptions and form into high-performing focused teams, and this is what makes the Commonwealth Study Conferences so special."

CSCLeaders 2019 Challenge ‘What makes a city resilient?'

Most of the Commonwealth lives in cities, and these cities are growing at an unprecedented rate. This offers fantastic opportunities for cities to not only be economic powerhouses, but also hubs of innovation and creativity, and drivers of social change. However, the movement towards cities and pace of change puts pressure on the infrastructure, institutions and culture of our cities. Added to this are global threats and uncertainties such as climate change, disease pandemics, political uncertainty, cyber-attacks, economic instability and terrorism. 

City resilience is the capacity of individuals, communities, organizations and systems within a city to survive, adapt and thrive. 

So what will it take for cities to be resilient enough to survive the pressures, adapt to the speed of change and grasp the opportunities ahead?

The Challenge underpins leadership learning. Participants tackle the Challenge and develop proposals before presenting them to a panel of experts. Implementing their ideas gives participants a focus for continuing their connections.

Previous Challenges include: ‘What could be the future of energy in Commonwealth cities?’ and ‘What makes a city smart?’

CSCLeaders London and Manchester:

Work with a diverse group of senior leaders to tackle a global challenge and develop the Cultural Intelligence to collaborate and innovate within an incredibly diverse group. Hear from thought leaders and visit organizations across the city to explore the challenge and different concepts of leadership. Innovate game-changing ideas in response to the Challenge and pitch them to a panel of experts.

CSCLeaders New Delhi:

Get beneath the skin of a vibrant and rapidly developing Commonwealth city. Develop the Cultural Intelligence to be an effective leader in new places where the context is different. Explore how leaders operate in the Private, Public and NGO sectors and how they cross boundaries to solve complex problems.

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Some of the videos from the programmes

HRH The Princess Royal at CSCLeaders 2015

CSCLeaders 2014: What I've learned

Commonwealth Secretary General, Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC

Boris Johnson talks Smart Cities at CSCLeaders 201...

Part Two of CSCLeaders: Developing global leaders in Singapore

CSCLeaders 2015: Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

Sir John Parker, Chairman, Anglo American Group

"A vital opportunity for experienced leaders to engage with a global network of talented leaders across the Commonwealth."

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