About Us


Join the team to drive change in the world.

Work with Common Purpose to support people to positively transform the world around them.

At Common Purpose we develop leaders who can work across boundaries – between geographies, generations, sectors, specializations, backgrounds and beliefs – so that they can solve complex problems facing their organizations, their cities and the world.

The Common Purpose team is growing, with an exciting mix of people in different parts of the world – still small enough for you to know and connect with the vast majority of your colleagues, but large enough to be making an impact on thousands of leaders, their communities and cities, globally – every year.

Life at Common Purpose

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Why choose Common Purpose?

Through leading with purpose, delivering impact and focusing on customer centricity, our mission is to develop leaders who can cross boundaries.

Choosing Common Purpose, is choosing to work with us on this mission, and gaining much more:

  • A varied, challenging and purpose-driven work environment
  • Work with diverse and inspiring people and organizations
  • Exciting career pathways for ambitious, talented people and the support to help you get there
  • Develop new skills and broaden experience – work on different projects, either locally or in another country
  • Flexible working environment – working from home or work – wherever suits you best
  • EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)
  • Supportive teams and colleagues who share your belief in the importance of leadership and social change
  • Training support designed to upskill, develop and enhance your learning
  • Diverse culture, working with driven individuals who will guide you at every stage of your learning journey with us
  • Extended annual leave days (25 days + additional 3 days of year end shutdown

94% of our people say that they are continuously learning

What to expect in an interview?

The recruitment process at Common Purpose will usually involve two interviews so that we can learn more about the candidate and also give them the opportunity learn about the role and wider organization.


The first interview will include the hiring lead and someone from our people team and it will last roughly 50 – 60 minutes. The hiring lead will ask specific job-related questions relevant to the role and will also give the candidate the opportunity to ask any questions about the organization and role. Someone from our people team will be present to cover all people specific questions.

The second interview will include someone different from the team and will roughly last 45 minutes. This interview will cover some further job-related questions and clarify your organizational fit. There may be a third-round interview, and this will be made clear during the recruitment process.

Technical task

To understand your suitability for a role, we may request a task to be completed at any stage in the interview process. If you are required to complete a task, this will be made clear during the recruitment process.

Successful candidates

If you are successful and offered the role, you will receive an offer letter stating the potential start date, pay, line manager and job title/position. We require two references from the successful candidate before sending an official contract and completing the hiring process.

What you'll bring to the team



You'll adapt quickly to a fast-paced environment, working with different people



You'll bring a fresh perspective whilst understanding others' points of view



By using soft power, you'll be able to solve complex problems



You'll learn to live with ambiguity and use it to your own benefit



You'll help us create an impact in the world



You'll constantly work on improving yourself through constant feedback

Programme Coordinator - Dublin, Ireland

Common Purpose is an equal opportunities employer. If you have any access requirements that you would like us to be aware of to support your application, please get in touch with us at hr@commonpurpose.org