Common Purpose Quests

A chance to be immersed in the economic, political and social context of another location.


What is a Quest?

A Quest is your opportunity to spend a day immersed in the economic, political and social context of another location.

Participants go behind the scenes in organizations, learn leadership lessons and compare challenges with leaders from across the UK. As a result, participants can develop broader networks and spot new opportunities for their organization.

Quests take place over a single day in locations across the UK.

Who should apply?

Quest are for leaders, from all backgrounds. Participants typically hold roles that involve being external facing, setting strategy or developing the organization.

They often have - or are about to take on - responsibility for local or national agendas within their organization.

Application details

Price: £500 + VAT per participant.*

(Quests are free of charge if a current participant on Meridian or Navigator.)

*Travel costs to the Quest destination and accommodation are not included. Travel, food and materials costs during the Quest day will be covered by Common Purpose.

Ability to pay is not part of the application procedure and any organization unable to meet this cost should contact us to discuss the level of contribution.

Common Purpose Alumni receive a 20% discount.

Upcoming Quests

Take a look at our upcoming Quests. For more information on Common Purpose Quests please contact Antony Boot

David Bell, Chairman, Financial Times and former Chair, Common Purpose Charitable Trust

“The view from your office window seldom changes. If we want our leaders to see the bigger picture, they have to go out and see the world through other people’s eyes."