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Profile is an intensive two-day programme for senior leaders who need an update or introduction to the city where they live or work.



Common Purpose Profile is an intensive programme held over two days for senior leaders who want to understand the city where they live or work. Profile doesn’t take place in a classroom: it takes place outside at a variety of city venues. Leaders will gain a valuable overview of their city and make connections across sectors to help them work together more effectively.

Participants will be taken behind the scenes so they can fully understand different aspects of their city. They will get a chance to meet decision-makers to discuss a range of issues and consider the context in which they operate, such as:

  • governance and power
  • the economy
  • education
  • arts and culture
  • health
  • community safety
  • diversity and social inclusion.
Trevor Higgins, Partnership Director, BT Group PLC

“The course challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and explore the region and my own leadership style from a range of different perspectives. The connections I made have proved enormously useful as well as with the public sector boards that I have since joined. It has helped me to make more rounded, better-informed, decisions throughout my career. It was the most effective learning I’ve ever done.”

Who is Profile for?

People who need an update on (or introduction to) the important issues, people and institutions that make up a city. This could be a team relocating to a new city, senior leaders taking on new responsibility for a team in a different location, or simply part of a longer team meeting that brings people together in one city.

Profile is ideal if your people need to:

  • gain an overview of the city
  • broaden and deepen their knowledge of the city
  • get a fresh perspective on the city
  • increase their knowledge of the organisations operating in the city
  • integrate faster to contribute to success.

Why Profile?

Participants will learn to:

  • adapt fast in new places
  • challenge preconceptions about the place where they live or work
  • see things from an angle they may not have appreciated
  • make connections with stakeholders across sectors they may not have previously considered.

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When and where?

We deliver Profiles across the UK.

How much?
A Profile costs £20,000 + VAT for a two-day programme, for a group of up to 20 participants.

How do I find out more?
Please contact your local Common Purpose programme team. 

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