United Kingdom

Statement from Chair of Trustees David Robinson

David Robinson, CEO, Le Chameau (Chair of Trustees, Common Purpose UK)

In some spaces of the internet, there are long-discredited conspiracy theories about Common Purpose in the UK started by two individuals in the South of England. Sadly, the use of the internet to spread unfounded allegations such as these is commonplace today. Common Purpose's objectives, accounts, history, governance, staffing, formal charitable status and educational activities are all very clearly and transparently laid out - and regularly updated - on the Common Purpose website, along with testimonials and references from many customers and partners from all sectors right across the UK.

I became Chair of Common Purpose UK because I was struck by its positive impact on leaders and cities. Now more than ever, the UK needs Common Purpose and its ability to cross boundaries and bring people from different sectors together. This is made possible by its independence, openness, commitment and professionalism.