South Africa

Customized Programmes

Tailor-made leadership programmes for your organization, partnership, city or region.

Bespoke solutions

We create innovative ways to develop your current or next-generation leaders in a way that delivers value to your organisation immediately.


Like our open courses, Common Purpose customised courses use experiential learning methods. By this we mean that we take our participants out into their city to learn from other leaders and their organisations. This learning process is carefully facilitated to ensure that the lessons are meaningfully translated into each participant’s own life and professional context.

Customised courses are generally between 2 and 4 days in duration, but longer or shorter programmes are possible. Longer programmes would generally be modular and run over several months.


The cost of a customised programme will vary depending on a range of factors including the duration of the programme, the group size and seniority, whether candidates are pre-selected or must apply on an open platform and go through selection, and a number of other parameters.

For more information, please contact Dr Elsbeth Dixon on +27 11 836 6348.

Our track record

Common Purpose South Africa has extensive experience in delivering bespoke courses. Clients have included major corporates, international governments, hospital management teams,groups of non-profit leaders, and international groups, and are delivered for C-suite and emerging leaders alike.

Vuyokazi Mnikathi, Divisional Manager, Discovery Health, South Africa

“I am certainly more self aware than I was at the start of the programme. I believe this will change and already has changed my interactions with people. I also see the world in a much bigger context. I have the drive to now dream big.”

How customised programmes work

Our customised offerings either develop broad leadership competence, particularly equipping leaders to work across boundaries (personal, intra or inter-organisational), enabling them to address complex organisational and societal problems, or they focus on one of four leadership sub-competences: 

  • Understanding of place and context: we create immersion experiences which help leaders gain a more sophisticated understanding of the city or region they are working in
  • Collaboration skills development: we enable leaders to work together effectively
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ): we help leaders unlock the value of diversity in their teams
  • Innovation: using deeper understanding of place and context, broader intra or inter-organisational collaboration skills and the potential of diverse teams, we teach leaders to create new solutions to old problems.