South Africa


We see the impact of our programmes in four areas: Inclusive Leadership, Better Decisions, Broad Networks and Bold Innovation. In turn, you will have a greater impact on your organization and city.

Measuring our impact

Common Purpose develops leaders who can cross boundaries: between sectors and specializations, geographies and generations, backgrounds and beliefs. This enables them to solve complex problems both in organizations and in cities.

We measure our impact through the eight leadership competencies in our Impact Quadrant.





Develop as a Leader

Lead Beyond Authority. Grow Cultural Intelligence. Clarify Purpose.

Students exploring the diversity of opinions and experiences in the group at a Global Leader Experience in Johannesburg

Kuben Naidoo, Meridian alumnus, Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank

“Leadership today is about understanding people, events and circumstances – the more you understand them, the greater your ability to impact upon them, and Common Purpose gives you this understanding.” 

Broaden your Networks

Spot Connections. Work in Collaboration. Build Relationships.

Students creating Broader Networks on a Global Leader Experience

Lindiwe Mavuso, Meridian alumnus and Founder, Afro-Optimist

"I’ve met people I never would have met, I’ve realized that entrepreneurs and leaders go through the same challenges as I do, I’ve been inspired by people’s achievements, resilience and ability to overcome adversity. I now have a new and valuable network I trust and I can tap into!" 

Make Better Decisions

Thrive in Complexity. Widen Context. Confront Bias. 

Elsbeth Dixon, CEO of Common Purpose South Africa
Robert White, Chicago Civic Leaders Academy alumnus, Executive Director

“This was a challenging and powerful week and my mind has been expanded and my spirit for my work and the world has been reinvigorated.”

Common Purpose alumni say their context widens after a programme, leading them to make better decisions

Drive Bold Innovation

Think the Unthinkable. Leverage Diversity. Move to Action. 

Driving Bold Innovation

Find fresh solutions to problems with Common Purpose

Kay Orlandi, Meridian alumnus, Account Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

"The Common Purpose Programme not only helped me develop and understand my own leadership capabilities, it enabled me to become an active citizen - as opposed to just being an inhabitant - of Cape Town. Because of Common Purpose I felt able to make a contribution towards the development of this place that I love."