Country Director, Alfanar, Egypt

Shenouda Bissada

Since 2012, Shenouda Bissada has been the Egypt Country Director for Alfanar, a UK-Charity investing in social enterprises in the Arab World. His experience extending over 27 years covers a wide range of themes including grants management, capacity building and coaching, monitoring and evaluation, disability and inclusive education.

Prior to his joining Alfanar, he worked for Save the Children UK, the Drosos Foundation, the USAID-funded Education Reform Programme and Caritas Egypt. His working experience covers Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and Jordan. Holding an MBA in Global Management from ESLSCA (Ecole Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées), Mr Bissada serves as trustee for a variety of charities including SOS Villages Egypt and advisory support to local and regional bodies on leadership, entrepreneurship and human development.

In 2019, Mr Bissada participated in the CSCLeadersip Programme run by Common Purpose in several parts of the world and is currently serving on its Africa Advisory Panel.