Programme Manager - Africa, Common Purpose

Comfort Fatoye

Comfort was born in Lagos, Nigeria and spent her early years across African countries like Malawi, Ethiopia, Tanzania, etc. as a missionaries’ daughter. Coupled with her experiences trying to fit back in Nigeria during the leadership transition from military to democracy, the “Giant of Africa” she had revered from her African adventures had become unrecognizable. This sparked her fascination with the “Whys” of behaviours and “Hows” of systems, which further prompted her study of Psychology at the University of Lagos, where she emerged Salutatorian with a First Class Honours Degree in 2015 among coordinating training projects alongside colleagues like Emotional Intelligence Symposium, Autism Awareness, as well as community projects alongside organizations like Junior Chambers International (JCI).

Comfort’s background in Psychology broadened her knowledge on human differences and their role in success of any dimension. Through her work at her previous role in a leading social-impact intervention and leadership training organization in Nigeria, she actively drove an unprecedented increase of trainings and clientele across new Africa countries within urban and rural locales as well as gender diversification. Comfort joined Common Purpose in January 2020 and is having the experience of an adventure that the unconventional year of 2020 amongst pandemics keeps delivering. Comfort enjoys jamming to an eclectic music playlist while cooking or working and being wrapped up reading crime-fiction and romance novels while munching on snacks.

She loves travelling while experiencing different cultures and daring activities. She hopes to do some bungee jumping, para-gliding and mountain hiking on her next travel vacation.