Programme Director, Common Purpose South Africa

Amalia Hendricks

As Programme Director at Common Purpose South Africa, Amalia is responsible for running The Common Purpose Programme for Senior Leaders, as well as the design and delivery of customized programmes within South Africa. In her role, Amalia exercises a broad skill set in leadership, strategy, facilitation, executive coaching and marketing. She also serves on the global sustainability task team of Common Purpose.

Amalia is a Common Purpose alumnus having graduated in Norfolk, UK. She has over 20 years of experience leading and growing people to achieve their fullest potential. Amalia has been delivering Cultural Intelligence programmes across private, public and third sectors since 2009. She is passionate about human capital, learning and development and globalisation. 

Amalia was born and raised in Johannesburg and started her life-long journey of globe-trotting and exploration at the age of 19. She has lived and worked in England, Belgium, Amsterdam, Gainesville Florida, the Middle East, St Maarten in The Netherland Antilles and come full circle back to South Africa. She returned home in 2016 to concentrate on making an impact in her home country.

In her spare time, she enjoys being in nature, gardening, reading, appreciating the arts and follows team sports like soccer.