Senior Programme Director

Sonia Elkha

Sonia Elkha is a Senior Programme Director at Common Purpose Asia-Pacific, Singapore. She joined Common Purpose in January 2020. In her current role, she is responsible for growing the reach of Common Purpose expertise and pedagogy as well as help deliver open and customized programmes in APAC.

After spending many years sharpening her skills in data analytics, consumer insights and market intelligence in regional and global corporate roles, Sonia ventured into freelance consulting. During that time, she helped clients from various industries better understand their clients' needs and environment to keep a competitive advantage in the market place. She then embarked on a learning journey at INSEAD where she took on an Executive Master in Change Management (EMC). This step, in many ways, became an anticipated catalyst for her professional transition towards a career path and life aspiration of becoming a change agent and a people professional.

Sonia's enthusiasm for learning and development comes from the sense of empowerment and purpose knowledge gives to people and to society at large. This belief is what energizes her to help continue to grow the Common Purpose vision of empowering leaders of today and tomorrow through learning. While one of her key focus is on further growing open programmes, she is also working on supporting existing and new clients in their tailored needs and the delivery of programmes taking part in the region.

Sonia has a Bachelor of Commerce in International Trade and an EMBA in Change Management.