Partnerships Coordinator

Nisa Syarafana

Nisa Syarafana is currently a Partnerships Coordinator at Common Purpose Asia Pacific. Nisa believes in the importance of collaborative and experiential learning to affect change within communities beyond culture, beliefs and other categorical means.

Nisa has fortunately benefited from her experience in the education, arts, tourism and events sector. Through her past works, Nisa has engaged with people of all ages, ranging from young children to senior citizens; all of whom she has learnt a lesson or two from. Her main source of motivation however, is bringing people together and facilitating challenging conversations with empathy that not only inspire others but provide them with the opportunities to innovate creative solutions. Nisa looks forward everyday to cross boundaries in a world of complex problems through her work at Common Purpose.

Outside of work, Nisa enjoys exploring the untouched nooks and crannies of the little red dot she lives in. She also adores cooking for her loved ones and crafting little trinkets in her own time.