Partnerships Coordinator

Esther Tan

Esther takes on the role of Partnerships Coordinator at Common Purpose Asia Pacific. Through this, Esther hopes to be able to be a part of a bigger purpose to help nurture and encourage people to connect with one another authentically.

Previously, Esther has had the invaluable opportunity to work with C-suite professionals in the realm of business development, where she experienced first-hand the importance of cultivating good communication skills to be a successful leader in your industry. Her volunteering efforts in various organizations also motivated her interest in normalizing genuine conversations with one another. Esther believes that every voice should be heard, and that we should all be given equal opportunity and skills to equip our self to be our true selves. She also thrives off the mantra of "Never Stop Learning".

Besides work, Esther enjoys keeping up with a healthy lifestyle and geeking out about books, finance and true crime.