Projects Leader

Dione Chen

Dione is currently a Projects Leader at Common Purpose Asia Pacific. Motivated to make a difference cross-boundaries, Dione is always looking for ways to design and deliver deep, meaningful experiences for participants to inspire one another through authentic exchanges.

Previously, she was one of the lead trainers in the Engagement Immersion for Leaders (EIL) programme offered by the Civil Service College (CSC), which equips public officers who are Director-level and above in citizen engagement and community co-creation skills. She also has the privilege of building the capacities of youth and adults in the corporate, government, and social sectors in human-centred leadership and community engagement skills. Dione views herself as an educator and believes in the innate potential of every person to learn and grow. Consistently unwilling to settle for mediocrity, she gets invigorated by learning new perspectives and possibilities.

Outside of work, you can find her at the gym, volunteering, or deepening her connection with others through food, karaoke, and nature.